Art of the Shill: Cover Your Shame!

In lieu of actual content tonight–which we’ll be getting back to tomorrow, once I’ve got the Con Special completely wrapped up–I have another brief announcement:

If you’re like me, you often find yourself in situations–going to work, heading out for a meal, even spending time with close friends–where casual nudity is frowned upon.

It’s a sad fact of life in modern times, but until society gets past its various “hang-ups,” it looks like we’re stuck with clothes. So why not preserve your modesty in style with an Official Invincible Super-Blog T-Shirt, featuring the all-new, all-different ISB logo!



That’s right: The Rack‘s Benjamin Birdie and I have teamed up for this one, and now you too can wrap your torso in the mathematical summation of everything I truly believe in, thanks to the friendly people at CafePress.

Seriously, though, I got mine in the mail today, and in the six or so years since I’ve ordered anything from CafePress, they’re really improved their products a lot. They offer a good bit of variety there, too: If you were so inclined, for instance, you could show your support for the face-kickingest comics blog on the ‘net with a plain white t-shirt, a ringer… Heck, there’s even one for BizCasFri!



Head over there and check ’em out, if only to see my resolve to fight against prices that end in “.99.” And maybe, just maybe, I’ll make one starring Robot Chris.

Okay, shilling over. Attempts at generating entertaining content resume tomorrow night.

18 thoughts on “Art of the Shill: Cover Your Shame!

  1. I would kill for an ISB magnet! I would display it proudly on my fridge as a warning to any who may try to go into sneak a beer out.

  2. I want a shirt with a rendering of Iron Fist kicking Batroc the Leaper’s head done by the Super-Bloggiest one himself.

    Hey. Spell check doesn’t think Super-Bloggiest is a word. Stupid machine…I swear they’ll be the death of us someday.

  3. It lacks the Batman.

    Even so, AWESOME. You should use that as the header of the blog.

  4. Unfortunately–and believe me, I’ve regretted this for quite some time–I own neither Iron Fist, Batroc Ze Leapair, or Batman.

    And no, no thongs.

  5. I second Terry’s query (and I kinda just wanted to type “Terry’s query”.) No ladies sizes?

  6. Okay, so I totally want this logo on my wife. Why, oh why is there not an ISB thong? Get on it! Seriously!

  7. If I may suggest a second version:

    Move the squinchy face straight up by two square-heights, so it’s sort of by itself up in space.

    Where the face is now, put an icon of some y-fronts.


    Shoe + nuts = W00t!

    Change the shoe print to a sneaker, or something less iconically male, and it’d probably sell well to the wimmens.

  8. As one of the wimmens I like it exactly as it stands, (we *are* gathered here at ISB out of a shared love for a kick in the face) it’d just be nice to have ladies sized/styles to wear it on.

  9. Chris,Mea maxima culpa-I should have trusted that you of all bloggers,would never wimp out on Friday Night Fights. Please to forgive. Still demanding Robot Chris though.