Ask Chris #1: Favorite Artists, the Legion and The Battle of the Hated Characters



Today at ComicsAlliance, we’re debuting a new column where I reach into he mailbag to answer YOUR questions!

This time around, I tackle the eternal question of who would win in a fight between two characters I absolutely hate, a good jumping-on-point for readers interested in the Legion of Super-Heroes, try to pin down just who my favorite artists are, and more!

One of the questions I didnt’ get a chance to answer, though was from Protoculture27, who wanted to know what I bought during the big Amazon glitch/sale. The answer: Nothing. Aside from my Legion and Herbie archives, I’m not a huge fan of the big hardcovers, if only because my job requires me to scan stuff and those things are a bear to get on the scanner. I’m more than happy to get hardcovers of stuff that’s not available any other way, but otherwise I tend to prefer paperbacks. And now you know.

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18 thoughts on “Ask Chris #1: Favorite Artists, the Legion and The Battle of the Hated Characters

  1. All the things you listed about why you hate Wonder Man are the same reasons as to why I love him (Irrationally as well). I will agree however on Red Tornado’s worthlessness as a character. It’s sad when Professor T.O. Morrow is more awesome than than you.

  2. Actually, the DnA Legion did get one collection. It was called Foundations, and ironically enough, it was another set of stories that revolved around the Legion fighting Darkseid.

    I’d say another good starting point is Beginning of Tomorrow, which collects the first couple of stories for the Zero Hour reboot Legion. It does a nice job of telling a couple of standard stuff from the Legion Lore, as well as adding some pretty new characterization.

  3. I’ll admit to not knowing a great deal about Red Tornado in comics, I’ve probably read more about him on this blog than I have from guest appearances in other titles. But I have found the Batman: Brave & The Bold version of him entertaining; in the cartoons he’s made me laugh a couple of times and really not cried quite so much.

  4. So what you’re saying is that Red Tornado is the Morrissey of superheroes, right? What, with all the weepiness?

  5. I think that Wonder Man has gotten a lot better as a character since the writers noticed that he’s actually kinda lame and started writing him as if he’s noticed it, too.

  6. “I think that Wonder Man has gotten a lot better as a character since the writers noticed that he’s actually kinda lame and started writing him as if he’s noticed it, too.”

    That’s actually been a running theme at the points where Wonder Man was interesting. His 70’s Avengers appearances? His attempts to be an actor were so lame that he had to be doofy sidekick to a Captain Kangaroo knock off. Early issues of his solo series? He’s got to fight z-listers and can’t fit in with California. (Seriously the first six issues or so were some goofy fun until they decided to 90’s him up a bit.)

    Not that I can blame Chris at all for hating him; 95% of the time Wonder Man is the generic strong guy and that’s boring.

  7. In my case, I’ve loved Wonder Man since his first appearance in Avengers #9. In fact he is my third favorite character of all time, right behind Batman and Cap. Marvel(the one who yells SHAZAM!). If you ever have the chance, look for What If? vol.2 #5 “What if The Vision had destroyed The Avengers?” by Jim Valentino. Its the best Wonder Man story I’ve ever read.

  8. I never like Red Tornado but I love Wonder Man. I think he’s an interesting and cool character. I’ve never understood why he was never more popular.

  9. When will kids learn? DO NOT pull a gun on Batman.

    PS The main reason I’m picking up the Wednesday Comics collection is Amanda Connor’s Supergirl strip.

    I just wish DC would give her better writers to work with…

  10. One of my earliest comic book memories was from the first Perez run on Avengers. Wonder Man and the Beast were in a Quinjet, and it was going down. So Wonder Man takes off his rocket belt, straps it onto the Beast, and shoves him out the hatch. The Beast makes a bumpy but safe landing. Simon, meanwhile, rides the Quinjet down into a fiery crash, but survives because he’s nearly invulnerable. But I’ll always have a soft spot for Wonder Man because of that move, and for his friendship with the Beast from that era.

  11. Brave and the Bold the TV show is the campiest and silliest version of the DC universe ever made,and yet Tornado STILL manages to cry.

  12. Chris, have you tried taking photos of the panels/pages you want instead of scanning? I’ve noticed at a few conferences that digital archiving machines seem to be camera-based these days. Digital camera tech seems to have improved faster than scanner tech, so if you have a decent digital camera it might be an option. It adds an extra step transferring the files, but it’s probably easier to take multiple shots and pick out the best one. Just throwing it out there.

    /a librarian

  13. Chris, try reading Wonder Man’s initial re-appearances in Avengers 151 through 156 or so from the mid-seventies. A good run with Perez interiors and Kirby covers if nothing else.

    Oh, and issue 162 where he’s part of the coolest Avengers entrance ever! Except that Wonder Man breaks through the ceiling with his butt or something. Hmm…I’m not helping things for him, am I?…