Ask Chris #14: Underrated Spider-Man Stories, Books I Like and the Batman Lightning Round



It’s time once again for another installment of Ask Chris! This time, I throw the spotlight onto five Spider-Man stories that could use a little love and, in a surprising and out-of-character move, devote the Quick Hits section to answering short questions about Batman!

I also take up a good chunk of online real estate recommending a few of my favorite novels, and if you’re interested in taking my recommendations to heart, have some handy (and for me, profitable) Amazon links:

Good reads all, for those times when (for some reason) you’re not reading internet comics blog websites.

If you’ve got a comics or comics culture question (or, apparently, a question that has nothing to do with comics that I feel like answering anyway), put it on Twitter with the tag #AskChris or send an email to comicsalliance at with [Ask Chris] in the subject line!

9 thoughts on “Ask Chris #14: Underrated Spider-Man Stories, Books I Like and the Batman Lightning Round

  1. An Underrated Spider-Man story list that has no Ann Nocenti stories? PFAH!

    Seriously, though, good list.

  2. I’m actually not that familiar with Nocenti on Spider-Man. I will, however, shill her run on Daredevil ’til the cows come home.

  3. Okay, then get to it:

    Web #33/Annual #1-2

    Amazing #295

    Spec #133

    Spider-Man #17/29-31

  4. Chris, if you like Wodehouse (and who doesn’t) you might also enjoy one of his influences: the English writer who went by the pen name Saki:

    It’s been a while since I’ve read him, so I don’t have a more specific recommendation, I just really enjoyed a volume of his collected works.

  5. Wodehouse is the bomb.

    I think I might have the full run of Nocenti on Daredevil.. Or close to it. I’ll have to dig them out to make sure..

  6. Chris, you shoulda mentioned that Spidey/Torch has THE greatest line of Johnny Storm’s life: “I’M NOT WEARING PANTS!”

  7. I feel like the book YOUTH IN REVOLT by CD Payne might be up your alley. The movie is OK, but they had to cut out about 75% of the book to fit it into 90 minutes.

  8. Rock: That’s actually from the 2-part Fantastic Four story by Waid and Wieringo. I remember that being really fun, because he said that in the middle of a pool of kids and then they all ran away.

    Johnny: This is the worst day ever

    Spidey: Not for Michael Jackson, now no.2 on the list of “America’s Worst Babysitters”. Even he knows better than to shout “I have no pants”. Were you brought up by wolves?