Ask Chris #29: Dracula and Alfred Combine To Form… Draculalfred! (Not Really)



It’s once again time for my weekly comics culture Q&A, and I think I speak for everyone when I express my relief that I didn’t write another goddamn monocle-polishingly pretentious essay about True Meanings of comics.

Instead, I make some jokes about Dracula, recap some bat-shit crazy Batman stories from the ’60s, and revive the Ultimate Warrior Rating System! I’m totally doing it 2008 style up in this piece!

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5 thoughts on “Ask Chris #29: Dracula and Alfred Combine To Form… Draculalfred! (Not Really)

  1. “because Mike Barr thought it would be funny if The Outsiders fought the Outsider”

    Really, “Because Mike Barr thought it would be funny” accounted for the genesis of most BATO stories.

  2. I don’t recall a lot of Outsider appearances. I was reading the Showcase Presents Batman with the Alfred resurrection (Alfred: Reborn?) issue in it last week and the only thing the Outsider did before that was manipulate Blockbuster. Did he make appearances in Brave and the Bold or World’s Finest?

  3. That panel with Alfred’s living body being discovered by the scientist (“Mmmmmmmmmm….”) could be directly transplanted into a DC Hostess Twinkees ad.

  4. There were so many great parts of Captain Britain: MI3, but my favoritest of all was Doctor Doom and Dracula engaging in smack talk ON THE MOON.

    That %$#@ is why I read comics. For reals.