Ask Chris #37: Best Christmas Present Ever



I have written some self-indulgent columns in my time, but I think this week’s might just take the cake, as I write about my favorite (tangentially) comics-related Christmas present ever!

Here’s a hint:



Okay, okay, so maybe that’s less of a hint and more of me telling you exactly what it is, but c’mon. I spent seconds last night making that .gif. I had to use it somewhere!

3 thoughts on “Ask Chris #37: Best Christmas Present Ever

  1. Ah, nostalgia: back when Dracula’s castle wasn’t on the Moon.

    (On the other hand, I’d completely forgotten about Skate Man. Gaaah!)

  2. Geez, an entire article praising Duck Tales and no mention of the best soundtrack on the NES? You’re slipping, Sims. :)

    (In all seriousness, the Moon theme may well be my favourite songs ever. How Capcom came up with music like that using such limited hardware is a good reminder of why the NES still holds up.)

  3. I like the music in that game a lot! It’s funny, I distinctly remember writing the words “As such, it was a highly enjoyable game, with seriously great music,” but I’m sure if I actually went to look, it wouldn’t be there, because surely none of my readers would be so cretinous as to complain about something they were dead wrong about because they couldn’t be bothered to actually read things before leaving snitty comments.