Ask Chris #47: How Not To Be Bored By The Incredible Hulk



In this week’s installment of my comics culture Q&A, someone writes me with the idea that the Incredible Hulk is boring, and I do my best to assure them this is not so by highlighting a long career of psychological drama expressed through the medium of breaking things.

Plus, we learn a very important lesson about me and this column: If you write me asking if you are a jerk, I will probably say yes.

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5 thoughts on “Ask Chris #47: How Not To Be Bored By The Incredible Hulk

  1. “And if the Kryptonite should destroy him — well, that’s his tough luck!”

    Are you sure that panel isn’t from Michael Straczynski’s “Grounded” arc?

  2. I hope the questioner who likes Morrison and not Claremont reads, or has read, Morrison’s essay on why Claremont back then was awesome. I mean, geez, 87% of Morrison is a tribute to the “hyperbolic” and “unsophisticated” work of earlier generations.