At This Point, I’m Obviously Just Milking It…



…but I should be fully recovered by tomorrow for a return to… Well, to pretty much doing this kind of thing all week, if we’re honest with each other.


More with the Diseased Wench can be found in Adam Warren’s mind-shatteringly awesome and absolutely essential Empowered v.1. And seriously, I could pretty much just post a panel from that book every day and be perfectly happy with the ISB.

10 thoughts on “At This Point, I’m Obviously Just Milking It…

  1. Great panel! Great panel. Get well soon, oh maestro.

    Hey, I’ve noticed that every panel you’ve ever posted from that book seems to be pretty much amazing. Is it really that good? I’m looking for something to pick up to ease me back into comics – I quit in disgust in the late nineties, during the Time of Darkness. Loving the site, mate.



  2. It’s OK — we can still get some fun out of this, Chris. You’ve brought up the question of:

    What’s the archetypical “sick superhero” comic panel?

    For my age group, it’s probably one of those Curt Swan “Superman catches the Kryptonian Flu” panels, with the little rings around his head and the spots in front of his eyes.

    But even with the swimmin’ jimmies, Kal-El is too much of a gentleman to ralph onto Lois Lane’s desk. Whatta guy!

  3. Next time you’re sick, you need to do those old Action Comics issues where Superman catches Virus X and grows green fur on his hands.

    Or that awesome Alan Moore story when Supes goes nuts from Kryptonite fever and wails on Swamp Thing.

  4. I fully endorse the new Invincible Empowered Blog, and look forward to more Adam Warrentastic fun, as commentated by Mr Sims.

    Hell, that’d be awesome. Go find him and do that.

  5. Mal,

    Empowered is a trip, and the next volume comes out in about a week. I’d definitely pick up vol 1 if I were you, then grab #2.

    I read maybe two panels of The Blazing-Eyed Demon Wolf demanding to bear witness to the “filthy animal coupling” of the protagonist and her boyfriend, and she was hooked. The first volume is so well broken in, it looks like I’ve had it for years.

  6. That post (#8) was supposed to read “I read maybe two panels… to my wife..”, for those of you that were like “…zwa?”


    No problem, man. I really can’t recommend it enough.