15 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. You say it’s from Batman #156, but I swear to God some variety of this panel appeared in about half of the stories published between ’55 and ’65.

    I remember one time when I thought it was Batman in a gorilla suit yet again, and it turned out to be an actual talking gorilla in a Batman mask.

    And it took Robin 6 pages to figure it out. Good times.

  2. Ah, “Robin Dies At Dawn”. Batman freaking out with post-traumatic stress syndrome never gets old.

  3. I have three different books containing “Robin Dies At Dawn” and I still don’t think that’s enough.

  4. Looks like Martha Wayne and Arthur Nagan had a secret love child somewhere along the way.

    Didn’t Grant Morrison use that exact plot about a year ago?

    (Sorry, sorry.)

  5. “From his utility belt, Bat-Gorilla throws a Bat-banana peel…”

    That could work… but shouldn’t Robin be called “Chimpy” or something similar?

    “Chimpy! To the Bat-Gorillamobile!”

  6. Are those Japanese-style tentacles dangling all about him? Perhaps he’s correct in having PTS syndrome

  7. Was this from the period when Batman decided the best way to fight crime was through performance art? “Criminals are a superstitious and uncultured lot,” etc.?