18 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. Wow, whose art is that? It kinda looks like Dick Sprang, but I don’t remember ever seeing him inked that way. It’s gorgeous.

  2. Batman….

    …is reconsidering the wisdom tracking Killer Croc through the Gotham City sewers yet again.

  3. Tim C, I’m guessing Giella over Moldoff. It’s got that 60s-realism look (with the thin line and extensive hatching) that my man Joe G attempted from time to time before reverting to a bit slicker variant of same by the mid 70s.

    And those ears are totally Shelly’s. (Although, if this is a panel from the newspaper strip, it’s at least possible that Giella would be intentionally aping Moldoff;s style, I s’pose.)

  4. I was assuming a mid-to-late 60’s (TV show) influenced panel — maybe Murphy Anderson’s inks over Carmine Infantino’s pencils?

  5. Murphy’s lines were usually thicker and slicker, definition coming from a few strong brushstrokes rather than an extended series of thin hatches. Giella did have a similar style in the very early 1960s (particularly when finishing Gil Kane), but was even then given to using more and thinner strokes than Anderson to achieve the same effects — just not as many or as thin as he would come to use a few years later.