27 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. best part of this issue is when Batman backhands Superman. I guess Batman thought to wear his kryptonite laced bat-slap gauntlets that day.

  2. As usual, Superman is a bit slow to catch on.

    “Wait… you want a better dental plan? Is that it?”

  3. I wonder what the conversation was like when he rejoined.

    “So, Batman… How’s that other team going for you? What were they called again? Oh hang on a second, the President is on the other line. I’m sure you talked him all the time for your other team…”

  4. Superman looks so annoyed. Like he wants to just go “Yeah, Bruce, we get it. Can you leave already?”

  5. Happy Quitsgiving, Batman!

    “The rest of us learned to cope. Diana went back to her people; Hal went to the stars; and Chris Sims quit the comic book shop… But you, Bruce, you, with your wild obsession with starting groups called The Outsiders. Seriously, how many times have you tried that? Why can’t you just Cry for Extreme, Elite Justice like the rest of us?”

  6. I never understood why Batman joined/started the Justice League in the first place. He’s the only guy there without any superpowers. Who did he think was going to be left holding everyone’s purses while they supered out and supered a super-menace to super-defeat?

    At least the specials behind the Superfriends put about 1600 different types of ray guns on the Batplane so he could actually help. But even then Superman always made him look like a sidekick.

    …Come to think of it, why would anyone join a superhero club that included Superman? Sure, someone has to move the kryptonite away from him. But he already has Jimmy Olsen for that.

    I think Batman just likes any excuse to yell.

  7. I’m oddly transfixed by Superman’s costume and Batman’s gloves and cape being the exact same shade of blue.

  8. Superman: “. . . I see. Well, I’m sorry, you feel that way, Batman. Elongated Man, Firestorm? Please walk Batman back to his cubicle, watch him while he gathers his personal belongings and then escort him out of the Watchtower. And Batman? Given the lack of notice, we will not be paying out your unused vacation days.”

    Batman: “Bwah-ha-ha! Fuck you, spaceman, I’m a goddamn billionaire! Later, Justice Loser- hey, get your damn hands off me, Ralph!”

    Superman: “. . . and there goes your letter of recommendation.”

  9. So after he left, Superman was all like “Hold on to his last paycheck for a couple weeks. Then, mail it to his old address. When he comes back lookin’ for it, tell him ‘It’s in the mail, bitch!’Leave us high and dry on a Saturday night with no Dark Knight Detective, will he?!?!”

  10. He beat out Ollie for the new position as Emo, the Drama Queen. (looooong way to go for a bad pun)

  11. Elongated Man: “Dude, why are you touching Superman’s abs?”

    Wonder Woman looks so disappointed.

  12. … then the fanboys breathed a sigh of relief when it was revealed on the next page that Batman was merely referring to the fact that the price of Justice League of America was going from 25 cents to 50.

    Which was exactly why the suits at DC planned the announcement that way.

  13. And after that amazing day when Bruce went to talk about to the hypnotherapist, he left his job, went to the Bat-Cave, and watched Kung-Fu.

  14. Hold it. I just realized that. Bruce IS a billionaire. Isn’t he probably the one who built the JLA satellite in the first place? If he wants to quit, can’t he just kick all of THEM out?

  15. Batman is the Sarah Palin of the JLA. He can’t commit to anything without bailing out halfway thru.

  16. Wonder Woman: disappointed.
    Superman: pissed.
    Elongated Man: surprised.
    The Flash: shocked.
    Firestorm: sleepy.

  17. “But Bruce! We don’t have anyone else who can speak in the cover font! We need you!!!!”