13 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. As we learned from that arc, Batman thinks of everything.

    He probably has a Nalgene on the utility belt.

  2. See, that there’s your problem. When you put a Batman in your compost heap, you gotta put a tarp over it, or the first rain that comes, boom, the Batman bursts out and ruins the whole thing.

  3. When Spider-Man crawled out of his own grave, it was a six issue arc that spanned all three titles, took weeks of story-time, and was one of the definitive challenges the character has faced.

    …For Batman, it was just a minor inconvenience on his way to punching out a helicopter.

  4. I suspect he’d rather have the rest of the fingers on his right hand back more. Talk about inconvenient, he crawled out of the grave before he was finished turning into Nightcrawler.