14 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. I think it’s actually scrimshawed on sperm whale teeth, thus combining the Japanese reverence of Batman with their maniacal hatred of whales.

  2. At first I couldn’t imagine what context could possibly explain that, and then I saw “Bat-Manga” and all became clear.

  3. Words that Modern Batman does not say nearly enough:


  4. I wish my armpits were as talkative as Batman’s.

    Life would be so much more interesting.

  5. This happens to Batman EVERY time he walks up to the Checkers window. He’ll never get those seasoned fries now.

  6. Are you sure this isn’t from an episode of My Favorite Martian, and that’s Bill Bixby in a Batman costume?

  7. “Now he’ll keep going like that for hours. Hey! Pterodactyl man! Some of us are trying to sleep!”