15 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. “Hey, Robin Murphy! There’s a new joke goin’ around: ‘What did the five fingers say to the face?’ SLAP!!!!”

  2. Sometimes it looks different, depending who inks it, but this is fully half of all Batman panels since 1986.

  3. I gotta admit…I never knew this is what the original panel said, either. Context, anyone?

  4. This is literally the first time I’ve seen that panel with the original dialog.

    And it makes even less sense now…

  5. It’s good to finally see this panel with its vibrant red background restored, so much more striking than the dull orange the panel usually appears in on the internet.
    I had seen the original dialogue before, but only a few months ago.

  6. Strange, the original might be funnier than the “My parents are dead” version.

  7. Poor Robin, having to show up at that week’s Teen Titans meeting and explaining to the other kids that it’s nothing, he just walked into a door.

  8. If I remember correctly, this was an alternate universe/elseworldsish story, where Batman somehow blames Superman for his parents’ death (I believe Luthor was involved somehow), and he begins his detective career in order to prove Superman was guilty. I read a review of it once, and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t covered here at the ISB at some point.

  9. Off-topic, but that Bat-Horse photo from your Twitter account made my weekend.

  10. The reference is wrong : that’s not from Batman 163, but from World’s Finest 153 (nov.1965). You have the story reprinted in Showcase presents World’s Finest vol.3.