41 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. He’s happy RIP is over.

    And laughing at the fact that Grant Morrison thought a helicopter crash would be a fitting out for the character after we watched him benchpress his way out of a coffin.

  2. Final Question (20 points)

    The Batman has just discovered:

    A) Phencyclidine

    B) Chick-Fil-A

    C) where he left the mobile batphone (set to “vibrate”)

    D) a matinee Top Gun / Rocky III double feature

    E) all of the above, in quick succession

  3. Nah, he’s just solved the riddle of how to install expressive eyebrows on the cowl…

  4. The great thing about being Batman isn’t fighting crime, it’s showing everyone online that I did.

  5. Batman just “got” the Joker.

    Not such bad guy afterall.

    Alternatively: We’re only seeing the head… He’s actually also dancing, because Maury just told him he’s not the father.

    Also not pictured: Talia is sulking off to the side, and Damian is spouting some of the most gratingly bad dialogue in comics.

  6. The panel obviously shows Batman’s face during the money-shot scene ending his encounter with Harley Quinn from issue two of Batman: Cacophony. Apparently, she’s just as eager as Mr. J to give it up.

  7. You that moment in ‘Batman Forever’ when Val Kilmer’s Batman smiles wide after Nicole Kidman reveals her love for Bruce Wayne? Now, *that* is creepy.

  8. Some people just don’t “get” Morrison.

    This is the face you make when you do.

    Do you get it now?

  9. If you can ever find a panel I remember from my youth it would be so great for this. I think it was Brave & the Bold from the late 60’s with the Teen Titans where it shows Batman on the first page walking down the street in broad daylight saying something to the effect of, “Yes, it is swingin’ to be the Batman!” I’d be enternally grateful.

  10. Trey: No.

    Because it is abstract.

    HEY CHRIS: How’s that new Electric Six album working out for you?

  11. Pretty good, but not as good as I Shall Destroy Everything Around Me Which Prevents Me From Becoming The Master, but that was one of the best albums of the year.

    Good enough that everyone should click on it in the sidebar and buy it from Amazon, though.

  12. He’s not happy. He’s in shock. He found a video marked “Alfred’s Christmas Party” in the batcave and has seen his faithful butler get it on with seventeen ladies and counting.

    Either that, or his DVDs of Gaogaigar just came in.

  13. Batman just found out DiDio kissed a ton of ass to get Morrison back writing Batman. He’s overjoyed to be “hip” once again.

  14. Thanks kushiro!

    Though why is Grand Moff Tarkin wandering around, dressed as Thurston Howell III?

    Also, I believe the blond with the sunglasses is from New Genesis.

    Gotham — swinging’ city!

  15. He’s singing!
    “A superstitious, cowardly lot! They plan and plot, but they always get caught! Their evil schemes all come to naught! A superstitious, cowardly lot! “