24 thoughts on “Because Sometimes…

  1. “Max, are you ever going to tell me where you keep that gun?”

    “Maybe someday when you need a tale to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.”

    Ah, I loved Sam and Max.

  2. What the hell do you mean “sometimes”?!

    “What should I do with this bomb, Max?”
    “Throw it out the window, Sam. There’s nothing but strangers out there.”

  3. The current Telltale games are pretty awesome, too.

    “Hey, wanna hear something funny? ‘That’s what she said!'”
    “I really AM in hell!”

  4. Chris likes both Sam & Max and The Cowboy Wally Show.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    “A stocking full of ammo! He’s a Santa for the 90s!”
    “That’s from me, Sam! Santa Claus hates that kind of crap.”

  5. I managed to miss the cartoon entirely, but picked up the trade on a recommendation from my pal Tug and I’ve been loving it ever since. So much, in fact, that I impulse bought the “Season One” adventure games when I pre-ordered Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People this weekend.

  6. You should get the first game as well. You can usually find it bundled with ythe equally awesome Maniac Mansion’s Day of the Tentacle, wherein you time travel in order to stop Purple Tentacle from taking over the world, because he drank sewage and grew arms. (No thumbs though.) And Green Tentacle is such a hippie.


  7. “Hey, this isn’t JUST like an action movie… no filling stations gratuitously blew up!”


    “… Okay, I’m happy now.”

  8. “Mind if I drive, Max?”

    “Not if you don’t mind me clawing at the dash and screaming like a cheerleader.”

    God bless you sir. I didn’t know that the Surfin’ the Highway collection had been republished. I’ve been looking for it for literally YEARS.

  9. You definitely need to get the SatAM show. Everybody needs to get the DVD of the SatAM show. One of the funniest DVDs I’ve seen all year. Where else can you get a prison rape joke in the Christmas episode and a dead-on Apocalypse Now parody set in Central Park where a giant squirrel plays Marlon Brando? I even got to ask Purcell about that briefly when I interviewed him about the SatAM set.

  10. Oh. Saturday morning. I thought it was like Sam (something something)And Max, and I couldn’t figure out what the hell the “at” could stand for. Sam and the And Max?

  11. Yes! I want this! Thank you! Thank you a thousand times. My son adores Sam And Max ever since he got the game and I want to get him some more Sam and Max stuff. Now I know what to get him! And I had no idea this stuff was out there.

    BTW-Do you know how much money this blog has made me spend over the years? Without it I would not have known about Darkseid T-shirts (hubby loves his), limited edition Don Martin collections (love), and now Sam and Max? Not to mention this gosh darn blog got me buying comic books again… how many times do you get older teens and a parent going into your store so Mom can geek out and buy the latest titles?

  12. The DVDs of the episodic games you can buy directly from Telltale have different features than the retail copy you linked to, including boss cover art from Steve.

    Ah, okay. I was actually wondering about that, since I was surprised to see them on Amazon at all when I was making up the links, but that clears things up.

    Also, good job on those. And on SBCG4AP.

  13. I have the original release of this book, though I’d read it so many times it’s beat up and worthless to collectors.

    Still, it’s one of my all-time favorites! Too bad the cartoon show lacked the punch of the game, original Adventurer comics, and graphic novel…

  14. I prefer the other biker’s fate: “Stand by for an interesting demonstration in physics!”