24 thoughts on “Because Sometimes…

  1. You know, given where the shark is in that image, I wonder if it an inneundo for something else. :-)

  2. Snake-Eyes “fighting” a shark would be the same image, but with Snake-Eyes armed with a plush Little Mermaid doll. Snake Eyes with a Bowie knife is just plain KILLING a shark!

  3. Amen. Let’s just hope they make room in the movie for this glorious scene. I’m pretty sure the Academy would have to give the film an Oscar if it did.

  4. How did I not have this issue as a kid?

    Also, I like how the guy in the boat says “Look at the size of that shark!” as if they’re usually smaller when Snake Eyes does this.

  5. The best part is that this is the middle of a feeding frenzy, and Storm Shadow just swims right through it.

  6. So are you getting GI Joe trades somewhere? Larry Hama is a genius. I’m still waiting for my Transformers trades though. Unless you know better. Which you do.

  7. I have a feeling IDW will have new “classic” G.I. Joe trades out soon enough. They do have Classic Transformers trades out that are pretty nice (despite the fact they have to leave a few issues due to Marvel characters appearing in them).

  8. You know, it’s amazing, but you, naturally, can’t see Snake Eyes’ face, yet just by his body language you can tell that not only is this just another day at the office for him…it’s a boring one at that. “Ho hum, killing a shark, been there, done that.”

    And of course, he’s armed to the teeth, but he’s going to kill the shark with a knife. Because that’s how he rolls.

  9. I think this is the panel that’s finally weakened all resistance. I was intrigued before by your G.I. Joe posts but when you deliver unto me a ninja fighting a shark–a ninja so restrained he doesn’t shove grenades down the shark’s mouth, not even when he has the grenades and the shark’s mouth is wide open for a delivery–that’s when I can no longer live without this mythos in my life.

    So when I’m digging through backissues at comic stores and on the internet, I should be looking for what G.I. Joe series exactly?

  10. Wow. After seeing this panel I decided that I too had to obtain a run of G.I. Joe through completely legal means.

    Everyone is so nonchalant in that panel. Other than the shark of course. It’s far freaking out because it’s going to die die die.

    Just goes to show how being a Joe is more awesome than oh, pretty much any other job on the planet. Heck, it’d be worth being a Joe whose codename was “Useless Piece of Meat” just to watch everyone around you be awesome.

    Oh, and Snake-Eyes? He doesn’t NEED the knife to kill the shark. But he just washed his hands, y’know what I mean?

  11. Riddering Says:

    So when I’m digging through backissues at comic stores and on the internet, I should be looking for what G.I. Joe series exactly?

    This would be the old Marvel series, specifically issue #47.

  12. Back issue advice: The old Marvel series, and anything you can get your hands on from issue #1-57 is pretty much the awesomeness.

    As Luzaire said, the above shark fighting panel is taken from issue #47, and in my opinion, issue #45-48 was the best story arc that Hama wrote for the series. #44-57 was a very strong run.

    You could also consult the G.I.Joe Comic Book Archive which has a detailed synopsis for most issues.

  13. Tyler and Luzaire–

    Thanks for letting me know where to start in tracking down the GI Joe comic. I wouldn’t have had a clue which series contained shark fighting without your help. Now as soon as I take out a small loan to afford the backissues, I’ll be well on my way.