1. I’m not a fan of that green cape, either.

    And I own a “Jungle Safari” Spider-Man figure.


    (from me to me)


    (stripéd pants?)


  2. “Spidey has a shirt weiner!”

    “Leave your body, Parker, leave your body.”

  3. Ahh good times. I remember another one from around that era where hapless P left his costume soaking in bleach all night and so had to go out as washed-out bleached Spider-Man.

  4. You’re already going outside dressed in your spandex jammies, man, are a couple pinstripes really going to make an impact on your dignity?

  5. Spiderman should go out on patrol wearing pants more often. Just to confuse people.

  6. Aunt May always buys the ugliest gifts for poor Peter.

  7. I learned something today: I learned that the Spidey feet were separate socks rather than attached to the slacks like footie pajamas. I need some time to absorb this new knowledge.

  8. So wait… does Peter sleep with his costume on and PJs over it? Or did he get dressed in the dark and fail to notice he put on his PJ pants and not his skin-tight spiderman pants?

  9. I assumed that he was wearing the pants over his Spidey outfit and forgot to take them off.