7 thoughts on “Birthweek ’09: Day Five

  1. I missed the day itself yesterday, but happy birthweek Chris! I wouldnt complain about being 27, the situation is only going to get worse after all.

  2. Hey, kids! As long as it still beats the alternative, it’s good. I wish Chris many more happy years. I cheerfully acknowledge an element of self-interest in this, as I hope he’ll spend some of that time blogging and writing fun comics, but even if he never writes another word he’ll be very much in credit with me.

  3. It’s great to see that Rahzel is still getting work after SSX Tricky and those Twix commercials. Mmm-bzzz-mm!

  4. “We’re getting reports of a kid in tight yellow spandex doing laps around the I-88, leaving a lot of you drivers in the dust. Might be time to trade up to a groovier jalopy. This is DJ Atomica, Crash FM.”