Down Set Fight: Chapter 5 Is Available Now!

Who wants a Dogpound t-shirt?


The Brawl Across America heads towards critical mass and the master plan is finally revealed! After following a trail of mascot destruction across the country, Special Agent Molly Harrison finally catches up with Chuck — but she’s not the only one! Who are THE SUDDEN DEATH SQUAD, and what does their leader, DOGPOUND want with Chuck? It’s one final twist before we head to the big game in next week’s final chapter, with the biggest throwdown of the series so far! Do not dare miss DOWN SET FIGHT Chapter 5: Strange Sports Stories!

Plus: Uncle Bagel!

Also, if you’re craving more information about the comic, here are a few handy links:

This week on War Rocket Ajax, Matt and I took part in the ultimate act of self-promotion by interviewing each other! I get to the bottom of Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective, and he chats with me about Down Set Fight! Plus all the usual podcasting fun.

Chad and I guested on the very fun Comics Therapy podcast, where we talk about our personal connection to Chuck’s story and what we tried to accomplish with the book, as well as examining the difficulties in setting the tone of fun, two-fisted adventure that still deals with some pretty serious stuff for the characters. It was a blast!

It all comes to a head next week in the final chapter of Down Set Fight! Hot damn!

(In a related story, I really need to quit hitting Save As Draft instead of Publish when I’m writing for my own dang site.)

War Rocket Ajax #190: Pokemon, Give Me A Hell Yeah with Mike Lawrence

War Rocket Ajax #190This week, it’s an all-new War Rocket Ajax with comedian Mike Lawrence! You may have seen him on Conan or heard him on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, but now he’s in the big leagues on War Rocket Ajax  — you know, no big deal. We talk about doing comedy at conventions, how the Clone Saga is his cocaine, and just how much glint you can get away with when you’re referencing the cover to Wolverine #1.

Plus, we’ve got another installment of Every Story Ever, plus our usual checks and recs!

War Rocket Ajax #190: Pokémon, Give Me A Hell Yeah with Mike Lawrence

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes:

Down Set Fight Chapter 3 Is Available Now!

The Bear In The Bar!


The strange story of Chuck Fairlane continues this week, and this is where things get wild. The guy showing up at Chuck’s school dressed like an elephant to challenge him to a fight was one thing, but when Chuck meets up with FBI Agent Molly Harrison to get to the bottom of things, they’re attacked by someone even stranger. His name’s Barclay, and he is “THE BEAR IN THE BAR!”

This 26-page chapter can be yours for a mere $1.99, bringing you one of the biggest brawls in comics, a sequence that I think Chad, Scott Josh and I are all really proud of. Grab it, and tell your friends that it’s TIME TO GET GRIZZLY!

Down Set Fight Chapter 2: The First Incident

Chuck vs. Jumbo!

The man-on-mascot beatdown continues! Down Set Fight chapter 2 is out today at Comixology! This week, Chad, Scott, Josh and I pick up with Chuck Fairlane ten years after the violent end of his career in professional sports. He’s left his past behind him and moved on to coaching high school football, but it looks like his past isn’t done with him. Ribs get cracked, kids get smacked and the mystery begins in “The First Incident!

Incidentally, this chapter also includes what I’m pretty sure is Chad’s and my favorite joke of the entire comic, the name of Chuck’s school. We figured it would have a super narrow audience, but surprisingly, it killed when we announced it at New York. Hopefully you’ll dig it, too. Grab the issue for $1.99, and hey, why not subscribe to it while you’re at it so that you get the next four parts automagically? It just makes sense!

War Rocket Ajax #188: The 94th Annual Flash Gordon Memorial Awards Show

Wait, Gordon's ALIVE?!

A new year means that it’s time once again for War Rocket Ajax’s annual Gordie Awards! It’s the awards show where our listeners pick the categories and we pick the winners, honoring the excellence of all the media we experienced in 2013. Or, you know, the stuff we can remember, so it might be 2012 or maybe last week. Who are you to argue with almost 95 years of excellence?

The important thing is that you guys picked the categories, so when we’re entering our second straight hour of talking about pro wrestling, it’s your fault, not ours.


War Rocket Ajax #188: The 2014 Gordie Awards

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Movie Fighters: Equestria Girls

A bridge too far, even for me.
This week, the Movie Fighters podcast returns for 2014, as we go toe-to-hoof with My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, quite possibly the weirdest movie we have ever watched.

I’ve been a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since day one, but this was Matt’s first time watching anything that had to do with the series, and I could not have picked a worse introduction to the show. After being declared a princess in events that I missed (I keep forgetting to set my DVR), Twilight Sparkle goes through a magic mirror to a world where all of her pony friends are now pastel humans, seeking out a magic crown that can only be won in a literal popularity contest. Before long, the ponies that are now girls engage in what I can only describe as erotic pony play.

That’s not a joke.

That actually happens.

It’s weird as all hell, and mystifying for both of us as we try to figure out just what the hell happened and why, and you can get the whole episode for just one dollar! Check it out, and support the Movie Fighters as we move into our second two-fisted year!

Down Set Fight Chapter One Is Out Now!


Today is launch day! For the run-up to the release of Down Set Fight in print, Oni is doing a weekly digital release as six chapters, and the first one is available now!

If you’re not familiar with the book that Scott Snyder calls “funny, smart, irreverent” (he actually said that without being prompted, which is awesome), this is the first full-length original graphic novel that Chad Bowers and I have written, with art by Scott Kowalchuk and letters by (who else?) Josh Krach. It tells the story of “Fearless” Chuck Fairlane, a rising star running back who gets booted out of professional football and ends up battling against a series of costumed mascots hell-bent on revenge — or maybe something a little deeper than just vengeance. In the first chapter, you see Chuck’s origin, and find out just what it was that caused him to retire in disgrace. There’s football, fighting, crime and bribery, and that’s just the prologue!

It’s funny, when Chad and I were writing the series, we intended for it to be read all in one go rather than broken up as issues, but we still did it as “chapters,” mainly because we like those Kirby-style chapter breaks. Hopefully it’ll all hang together. Either way, we’re pretty excited about it, and it’s interesting timing, too: Yesterday marked the 9th anniversary of writing about comics online. This first section, “The Wrongest Yard,” clocks in at 21 pages for $1.99, with the following chapters every Tuesday, featuring new Comixology-exclusive “covers” by Scott, and the full-length OGN in stores on February 12! Give it a read, spread the word, and come back next Tuesday to meet up with Chuck ten years later!