Bob Haney’s 7 Craziest Comics



As long-time ISB readers will already be aware, I am a huge fan of the legendary Bob Haney and the insane adventures he crafted for characters like the Teen Titans, Metamorpho and Batman. That’s why I was glad to hear that this year, he’s finally — and unfortunately posthumously — getting the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Eisners.

But despite my tireless work, there are still some people out there who might not be familiar with his ouvre, which is why I’ve put together a rundown of his seven craziest comics, from Batman selling his soul to Satan to JFK being replaced with a shapeshifting mod from outer space and beyond. Some of ’em (okay, most of ’em) are already familiar to you guys, but it’s never the wrong time to read about Batman’s dead body beating up crooks.

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