Book Review: Sunnyside, by Glen David Gold

Like Glen David Gold’s last book, Carter Beats the Devil, Sunnyside is a work of fiction that draws heavily on real-life celebrities and historical figures to tell its story, but where Carter focused on the title character and his sequence of seemingly impossible escapes that tie in with the changing shape of entertainment in the 20th century, Sunnyside goes a bit earlier. Focused largely on Charlie Chaplin, it tells the story of the rise of Hollywood and the strange ending and aftermath of the first World War, weaving Chaplin’s struggles in with those of two other characters.

One of them, Lee Duncan, starts the book as an aspiring actor who at one point auditions for the Four Minute Men, the volunteers who would give propaganda-laden speeches to movie audiences in the four minutes it took to change reels.

On page 208, he meets the judges:


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And on page 216, they react to his performance:


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Sunnyside is the single greatest work of fiction ever published in the English language and you should buy it immediately.

23 thoughts on “Book Review: Sunnyside, by Glen David Gold

  1. Egads! Did you know about this before reading it, or was it a surprise? Awesomest thing ever, for sure.

  2. That’s nifty and all, but what does this have to do with Dracula?
    Come back Dracula, come back!

    (Chris, I know this week wasn’t the most fun for you to write. But in the last month or so, I really needed a good laugh and you came through big. If I ever end up in Carolina for some reason, I will kick a centaur in the face for your amusement.)

  3. I wonder if Chris should watch out before Winnie the Pooh comes to drag him down the funny stairs.

    *crickets chirp at obscure Hellblazer reference*

  4. Book review?! Why is Chris Sims reviewing a ZOMG WOW I AM TOTALLY NOW FREAKING OUT!!! :D Way to be!

  5. Aha! So you’re the guy they brought back from the fictional world in Planetary #9 to our world. (In a pretty rocket ship.)

    Well, good work. Elijah Snow’s never going to look for you in Columbia.

  6. Entirely awesome! I will now read both of Mr. Gold’s books.

    Just be careful, though. Now that you’re a fictional character, it’s only a matter of time before the fanfic starts…

  7. …Okay, I need to make a note to buy this book as soon as possible.

    I mean, it’s not even the awesome fact that it involves Chris and facekicks, but it seems like a solid read in general.

  8. Truly an achievement of note, Mr Simms. I confess though I did not “get” the ISB name-drop till I read the comments.

    I must now go read 4 issues of Tarot in penance.