Bring It On Week: The Contest! (Or: The Bring-It-Ontest!)

Bring It On Week continues! And while I did my best to catch the poor unfortunates among you up to speed with my thirty-second recap of the original Bring It On last night, I realize that–especially in matters of bikini carwash scenes–there’s really no substitute for the original.

And that’s where tonight’s event–the cent-cheer-piece of Bring It On week, if you will–comes in!

At this point, it should come as no surprise that I own a copy of Bring It On. In fact, along with stuff like The Big Lebowski, Caddyshack, and of course, the infinitely awesome Josie and the Pussycats, it’s one of the DVDs that I keep in the rotation for background noise whenever I’m up late writing.

However, ever since the release of Bring It On IV: In It To Win It (or Bring It On: Hit It And Quit It, as Chad calls it) prompted me to pick up the complete Cheerbook Collection, I’ve had two copies of the original laying around. And since that’s an honor that I only reserve for one film–that being Sonny Chiba’s The Street Fighter–I’m offering it up to one lucky ISB reader!

The rules? Simple: Just bop on over to this post by full-time cheerfiliate Dr. K, read up on the titles we’ve come up with for the next Bring It On sequel, then come back here and leave a comment with your own suggestion. If I pick yours, you get a free movie, a copy of the ISB 2007 Convention Special with a terrible drawing of your favorite character, and whatever else I have laying around when it comes time to mail stuff.

But here’s the catch: You’ve only got one shot, and you’ve gotta beat me and Dr. K at a game we have played for hours on end. And to be honest, we’re tough to beat, especially given that we’ve already covered both Scream, Bring It On, Scream and I’ll Kill You, I’ll Bury You, and I’ll Bring It On, Too!, which, considering In It To Win It‘s now famous Chainsaw Scene



…are an oddly appropriate pair.

Now get cheerin’!

Note: Keep ’em comin, but please, one per customer. I’ll decide on Saturday who gets the prize.





The comics-reading intelligentsia joins the groundswell of support for Bring It On Week!

First up, Tangognat combines the fun of cheerleading with the fun of science… Library Science! It’s, uh, a lot more interesting than I’m making it sound. Be sure to check out the entry on Radical Cheerleading, wherein enterprising young women stick it to The Man with the power of perkiness. Remember, folks: The Cheervolution Will Not Be Televised.

Next, Bitterandrew’s Armagideon Time gets in on the action as only the Official Maestro of the ISB could, by examining two songs used in the movie that you won’t find on the OST in his standard, incredibly cheertriguing style.

And finally, Phil gets in on the action by explaining just how someone can see Bring It On in the theater three times… “by accident.” Sure, Phil. Sure.


Bring It On Week Soars to Dizzying New Heights
And Terrifying New Lows
As we bring you the Movie Review You NEVER Expected!

Do You DARE Anger The Cheer Gods By Missing It?!

188 thoughts on “Bring It On Week: The Contest! (Or: The Bring-It-Ontest!)

  1. “Hey, Godzilla! Bring It On!”

    (Giant Monsters join up with the spunky cheerleaders in a bid to save the Earth from all sorts of ne’er-do-well aliens)

  2. Bring It On Bloopers: 90 Minutes of Wardrobe Malfunctions and Nothing but Waldrobe Malfunctions, Some of Which Are Intentional.

  3. “Black-Belt Bring It On”

    The hot granddaughter of a blaxploitation hero uses her mad cheering skills to battle evil drug-dealing slumlords while kicking them in their faces — while wearing her cheerleading uniform.

  4. OK, here we go:

    Bring It On, Chaka Khan
    Bring It On: It Takes Skin to Win
    Bring It On: The Quickening
    Bring It On, You Fucking Bitches
    Bring It On: Thong Squad
    Bring It On XI: Still. Big. Red.
    Bring It On: Ecks vs Sever
    Bang a Gong, Bring It On
    Bring It On: The Animated Series
    Bring It On: Hellcow Strikes!
    Bring It On Golden Pond

  5. I’m just gonna throw out a bunch of varying quality and hope that something sticks.

    Bring It On: Brand New Day

    Bring It On: The Audacity of Hope

    Mr. Smith Brings It On

    The Bring It On Ultimatum

    How Your Mother Brought It On: A Cheer Story in Reverse

    Bring It On Of The Dead

    Dial B for Bring it On

    Left Behind: Bring it On

    I got a million of ’em.

  6. Jamie, if this were a cheerocracy and not a cheertalitarian cheertatorship, I would cheer for you.

    What’s up with multiple entries? That’s almost as bad as not showing up for the big pep rally, guys! Where’s your spirit?

  7. Bring it on the wind
    Bring it on: ressurection
    Bring it on: angels with dirty faces
    Bring it on: out of the past
    Bring it on and sober
    Bring it on: the yearS of living dangerously
    Bring it on: no campus for old men

  8. Bring It On: This Time, It’s Personal

    Bring It On: The Wrath of Khan

    Bring It On: And They’re Like, It’s Better Than Yours – Damn Right, It’s Better Than Yours

    (Now I’m going to *have* to see this movie. Well played, Mr. Sims, well played)

  9. Bring It On: She done brung the carwash scene
    Bring It On: Big Trouble in Little Cheertown
    Bring It On: She’s the finest dancer

  10. My weak sauce:

    Bring It On On Infinite Earths

    Bringing It On There So They Don’t Bring It On Here

    What Ever Happened To Bring It On?

  11. Bring It On: Mission Accomplished
    Bring It On: If These Walls Could Talk
    Bring It On: A Plane
    Bring It On: With Peanuts and a Strobe-Light
    Bring It On: Sunday, But Not Before Noon, As I’ll Be Out On The Piss With The Girls Unitl Three, Ha Ha Ha
    Bring It On: Screw It, I’m Eating Today
    Bring It On: Special Victims Unit
    Diagnosis: Bring It On


  12. Bring It On: Spartacus Lives!
    Bring It On: Odyssey
    Bring It On: Battle Of The Time Lords
    Bring It On: Crisis Of Infinite Cheers
    Bring It On: The Five Deadly Cheers
    Bring It On: House Of Flying Cheers
    Bring It On: Savage Cheers
    Bring It On: Revenge Of Torrance
    Bring It On: The Cheerleaders Strike Back
    Bring It On: Rise Of the Cheerleaders
    Bring It On: 2 Legit 2 Quit
    Bring It On: Love At First Sight
    Bring It On: Better The Cheering You Know
    Bring It On: Lucky Lucky Lucky
    Bring It On: Can’t Get You Out Of My Cheers


  13. David Campbell wrote:
    >>Bring It On Golden Pond

    Matthew Craig wrote:
    >>Bring It On: Special Victims Unit

    Hmm…these look a little familiar.

  14. Maximum props for CK’s “Bring it On a Plane”

    I honestly didn’t think any humor could still be got out of that, but thank you ISB for making the invigoration possible!

  15. I’ve got two, but since the rules say that while two may enter only one may leave, I give you my offering.

    Bring It On: Some Like It Brought

  16. DAMNIT.

    And that was my FAVRIT ONE, TOO. I rejected BiO: Criminal Intent for that, as well!

    Okay. OH. KAY.

    Bring It On: Crime Scene Investigation
    Bring It On: Deep Space Nine
    Bring It On: Lord of the Bring

    – CRAP

    Bring It On: And Iron Fist
    Bring It On: 3 Feet High And Rising
    Bring It On: By Remote Control
    Bring It On: The Price Of Peace
    Bring It On: Pom-Pom De Terruer
    Bring It On: Jaka’s Story
    Bring It On: At The End Of All Things
    Bring It On: The High Seas
    Bring It On: Repleated
    Bring It On: And The Johnsons
    Bring It On: Give Me A V! For Vendetta
    Bring It On: Loves Chachi
    Bring It On: In The Mist
    Bring It On: P.I.
    Bring It On: Tokyo Drift
    Bring It On: At 30,000 Feet
    Bring It On: Evangelion

    That’s it.


  17. Dr K’s post offered two different approaches to this challenge: contemporary slang and movie mash-ups. For the slang, I bow to the mastery of Erin Palette’s “I Can Has Cheerleader?” (#60), but here’s another movie tie-in, for what it’s worth:


  18. Tengen Toppa Bring it on.
    Bring it on Beetleborgs
    Bring it Ong Bak
    Bring it on: The Eighties
    Transformers: Bring it on Wars

  19. This Summer – The “Bring It On” Series crosses over with another classic cheerleading comedy series.

    Bring It On V: These Are Spartans!
    A.K.A. Spartans vs. Persia High as 300 Cheerleaders Bring It On!

    Staring Will Ferrell as Coach Craig
    Cheri Oteri as Coach Arianna
    Joe Piscopo as The Evil Coach Stone
    And Weena Mercator as the Hopping Woman.

  20. For my slang entry – Bring It On: Lick it and Stick It.

    For my movie entry – Bring It On: The Vagina Cheerologues

  21. [quote]Bring It On: Some Like It Brought[/quote]

    that was great

    To Bring It On, Thanks For Everything! Jessica Bendinger

  22. Bring It On Episode I: The Cheering Menace

    Bring It On Episode II: Cheer of the Clones

    Bring It On Episode III: Revenge of the Cheer

    Bring It On Episode IV: A New Cheer

    Bring It On Episode V: The Cheer Strikes Back

    Bring It On Episode VI: Cheer-turn of the Cheer-Eye

    I think that may be just about nerdy enough. Thank you.

  23. I can’t resist this.

    Bring It On Like Vietnam
    Sometimes They Bring It On Again
    Bring It On: You Got Brought
    Bring It On With a Vengeance
    Bring It On The Rebound
    She Cried Bring It On
    The Texas Chainsaw Bring It On
    Bring It On In The Hood

    Man, I could go on all day.

  24. Bring It On The River Kwai

    Eternal Bringing On Of The Spotless It

    Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s Bram Stoker’s Stephen King’s Steven Speilberg’s Bring It On: A Franic Ford Coppola film based on the novel by James Feinmore Cooper

    Bring It On and a Pizza Place

    Harold and Kumar Bring It On

    My Name Is Bring It On

    Bring-On Hustle

    Life, Bringing It On, and Everything

    So Long And Thanks For Bringing It On

    And finally,

    Brought: The Bring It On Story

  25. Anthony Hopkins comes to town as the misterious and dangerous coach with a dark past in…

    Coach Nixon Brings it On: The Silence of the Cheers

  26. The next sequel will be a period piece, traveling back to a time when a plucky group of Allied cheerleaders trying to show those durn Ratzis just what cheering and good sportsmanship is all about.

    “Bring it On WWII: Bring-time for Hitler.”

  27. My brain has not stopped working, and though I’m ineligible for the prize, I just have to do this…

    Bring It On: Cheer of a Black Planet

  28. I know.. only one… but >>>>> those guys did more…..

    Bring It On: Mama Said Knock You Out!

  29. This is the ultimate test of will power. The temptation is so great to post multiple titles…one must ask the question: Can you really only bring it on once?

  30. The kids raise money for new pom-poms by putting on a production of “Seussical” in…

    “Bring It On Beyond Zebra!”

    …Okay, I got nuthin.

  31. “Bring it On: Too Legit To Quit”
    “Bring it On: Grass on The Field…”
    “Bring it On: Shake Your Pom Poms”

  32. Bring It On In the Heat of the Night.

    (Sorry about the double post. This one doesn’t count, but it just seemed too perfect not to mention.)

  33. I was so certain that no one else would come up with I Bring It On Your Grave. Truly I have underestimated the ISB’s readership. Thus, I humbly submit:

    Bring It Tron

  34. No Place for Bringing It On


    Bring It On: No Place For Old Men…

    (Seriously sir, you’re disturbing the other customers, we’ll have ask you to leave the theatre. Oh, for pity’s sake, haven’t you heard of DVD? You can watch the car wash scene on slow mo that way.)

    But really sitting down to watch the four movies most certainly is a place for old men. They’ve earned it, bless ’em. And in that spirit:

    You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and when to bring it on

  35. Bring it Ju-on

    The story of an evil, haunted Japanese gymnasium that kills anyone who cheers in it.

  36. Bring It On: From Cheer to Eternity
    Bring It On: Cheer No Evil
    Bring It On: Primal Cheer
    Bring It On: Wish You Were Cheer

  37. Darn, someone already did a Sonny Chiba joke.
    Alright then…um..
    Sho Kosugi’s Ninjettes In Bring It On: The Domination.
    Sukeban Deka Cheerleaders: Bring It On With Yo’ Yo-Yo

  38. Bring It On: Wax On!

    Multiple Choice Meanings:
    a. Karate and Cheering
    b. Waxing, Buffing, Bikinis, and Cheering
    c. All of the above – “A Karate Carwash Cheerleading Movie” (with at least seven kicks to the face)

  39. This has probably been said, but:

    Bring It On The Waterfront.

    Sad thing is, if Marlon Brando were alive he would totally make this.

  40. …aannd then I went and read the Dr K post.


    Great minds.

    Backing out the door…now…

  41. I so totally wasn’t going to participate in this, at all, until unbidden, my mind brought forth:

    Bring It On: On In 60 Seconds.

    Oh, you know it’s good. :)

  42. I’ve already submitted my entry, so these are just for fun:

    Bring It On: The Pearl of the Cobra
    Bring It On: Tears For Cheers or Cheers For Fears
    Bring It On: What Hath God Brought?
    Bring It On: In the Serpent’s Eye
    Bring It On: Cheer No Evil
    Bring It On: Cheer of The Lord
    The Unbearable Onness of Bringing
    Friday The 13th Part XI: Jason Brings It On
    Bring It On:The Toxic Cheervenger
    Bring It On: Cheerfest
    Bring It On: In Heaven Is There No Cheer?
    For Whom The Gods Bring It On
    To Live. To Die. To Bring It On.
    Only The Good Bring It On.
    Don’t Bring It On In South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
    Bring It On Yourself
    Bring It On Over Me
    Bring It On: Cheerdren Of A Lesser God
    Bring It On: Cheerdren Of The Corn
    Bring It On: Where Eagles Cheer
    Where Angles Fear To Bring It On
    Bring It On: Cheers Of The Father
    Indiana Jones And The Lost Idol That Totally Brought It On
    Bring It On: Pom-Pom You’re Dead!
    Bring It On: Futcheer War
    Rambo Brings It On
    Rocky Brings It On
    Bring It On: Moscow Does Not Believe in Cheers
    Bring It On: The Guns Of Cheervarone
    Bring It On The Planet Of The Apes
    Shaft Brings It On
    Who Cheers for Adonais?

  43. What, no:

    Bring It On: The Musical


    Or is that one too likely to actually happen to qualify?

  44. Bring it On: The Most Dangerous Game
    Bring it On Goes to Washington
    Abbot and Costello Meet Bring it On
    Bring it On: One Million B.C.
    Victory Through Bring it On
    Bring it On: Attack of the 50 Foot Women

  45. Bring It On: A Cheer of Ice and Fire

    A Fantasy Epic in which everyone’s favorite Toros descend into the unplumbed depths of the Hollow Earth and must face crazed dragons and courtly intrigues in order to cast the Spirit Stick of Xal Korvath into the Maw of Hell, thus cheerstroying the cheerlevolent cheertatorship of Grimcheer the Unskirted and his Diabolical Demon Dance Team.

  46. Hey Chris, all this aside:
    Did you see the Daily Show bit about Chuck Norris Action Jeans? Didn’t you do that TWO YEARS ago? I hope you get some juice off that.


  47. Bring It On vs. Monster Zero

    “Mutual trust is a beautiful thing.”

    “That won’t buy groceries.”

  48. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies That Brought It On

  49. Okay, this is the one I want as my official entry.

    Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s Bram Stoker’s Stephen King’s Steven Spielberg’s Bring It On: A Francis Ford Coppola film based on the novel by James Feinmore Cooper

  50. “Bring It Rashomon” remains my official entry, however I also came up with

    Bring It On, Roscoe Jenkins
    It Will Be Brought On
    Bring It On Challenges Ninja
    The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover Bring It On

  51. The runner ups:

    Brought it On: Out of Retirement
    There Will be Bring
    Once and Future Bring
    Bring Bill (which is too long for theaters, so there will Bring Bill 2)
    Bring it On: Reloaded
    Bring it On: Revolutions
    And of course, the artsy sideproject, The AniBringIt
    Bubba Bring-Tep
    Bringalon 5: Our Last Best Hope for Bring

    And finally, because what is a movie franchise without a novel tie in, we have Larry Niven’s Bringworld

  52. how’s about…

    Bring It On: Bring It Off, Turn Right, Step Forward, Stop, Bring It Up, Turn Left, Bring It Over, Hands Up, Stop, Bring It Down, Shuffle Bop, Step Back, Bring It Home, Repeat!

  53. Man both lord of the bring and electric boogaloo have been taken. Im so slow and unoriginal. still I’ll take a shot.

    Bring it On: Trapped on the 37th floor!

    The adventures of Bring it on banzai across the 8th dimension

    Bringit-On: The story of Ricky

  54. Looking at these entries and looking at my giant stack of HK Action flicks leads me only to the most obvious Chow Yun Fat reference I could come up with;

    Bring It On: Full Contact

  55. All Monsters Bring It On!

    Bring It On Under Siege
    –featuring the famous “Bikini Train Wash” scene

    Bring It On At Tiffany’s

  56. Ive done mine, it wasn’t funny. Anywho, Random Jackie Chan movies…

    To Kill With Bringing It On
    Shaolin Chamber of Bringing It On
    1001 Crazy Cheers
    Bring It On in the Bronx
    Police Bring It On (And sequels)
    Project Give Me a A (1 & 2)
    Snake and Crane Arts of Bringing it On
    Sports Bra of God
    Bring It On: Shanghai-Kicks
    The Drunken Cheerleader (1 & 2)
    Spiritual Cheerleading
    The Cannonbring it on
    Bringers & Sinners
    Bringers Forever
    Um… Mr. Cheer Guy

    Damn, guys made like 90 odd films and thats all I can think off. Anyone else?

  57. Bring It On Down To the Five & Dime Jimmy Dean Sausage

    Bring It, Bitch

    The Final Chapter: Brought

  58. I read through all of these Chris and still couldn’t find what I thought was the easy and obvious entry. So a couple of days later, I’ll give you my best estimate to revive the quality of the series..

    The last movie was crap and needs something to attract viewers.

    I proudly present:

    Bring It On: The Anal Years!

  59. Bring It On: Cheerleaders and the Last Crusade
    Bring It On with A Vengance
    Bring It On: They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab
    Bring It On: I Am Cheerleader
    Bring It On: Diaries of a Cheerocracy
    Bring It On: Time to Fly High and Kick Butt
    Bring It On: Hey, Where Are My Spanky Pants

    This is fun! -The Blonde One

  60. I almost forgot the (non-entry) video game tie-ins:

    There’s the interactive, physical games:
    Cheer-Cheer Revolution
    Cheer Hero

    The FPC (first person cheering) games:
    Bring: Cheering Evolved

    The puzzle games (but not too hard because, y’know, cheerleaders…)
    Bubble It On

    There’s the racing games:
    Super Bring Kart
    Bring Rash

    The ever-popular fighting games:
    Street Bringer
    Soul Bringer

    And the obligatory MMO (with expansions)
    World of Cheercraft
    World of Cheercraft: The Bringing Crusades
    World of Cheercraft: Wrath of the Lich Bring (coming late 2008)

  61. Bring It On, Charlie Brown.
    Kiss Kiss Bring Bring.
    The Onbringing of It by the Coward Robert Ford.

  62. Oh, one per person. Damnit.

    Ehhhh, none of mine are going to win anyway. But my official entry is gonna be

    Mr Smith Goes to Bring it On