Bring It On Week: The Finale

And so, our seven-day cheerebration of the Bring It On franchise comes to a close, and while I hope that you’ve taken this opportunity to learn the lessons these films can teach us:

That you have to believe in yourself, even when your squad doesn’t.

That being fair is better than being the best, even in the world of cheerleading.

That cheerleaders of all races, whether they’re Rancho Carne Toros, East Compton High Clovers, Pacific Vista Pirates, Crenshaw Heights Warriors, or even West Coast Sharks and East Coast Jets, are endowed with equal spirit. Or in other words, that Vanilla Latte does indeed have skillz.

That the perpetrators of Cheerleader Ninjas are evil, evil men.

And of course, that Cheer Crips can’t be hittin’ it with no Cheer Bloods.*

All great lessons, and a tribute to the day-to-day usefulness that a careful study of the Tetralogy. But if there’s only one thing that you take away from this cheerstravaganza, I’d like it to be this:













Happy Bring It On Week, Everybody!





Considering that Bring It On Week was originally conceived as an exercise in alienating my readers, I never expected to get so many entries in this week’s contest. What I definitely didn’t expect, though, was for so many of them to actually be really funny.

Also, I never expected someone to reference Ninja III: The Domination. Nice.

But alas, I’ve only got one spare copy of Bring It On laying around, and sadly, I could only narrow it down to one winner. So without further ado, your winner in the first annual Torrance Shipman Memorial Name-That-Sequel Contest goes to…


Ted Belmont, for Doctor Cheerlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Bring It On!


Congratulations, Ted! You’ve won yourself a copy of the Bring It On widescreen collector’s edition DVD! Vaya con cheeros, senor.

As for the rest of you, thanks for participating, and hey! Why not buy your own copy and just tell people you won? Not like they’re gonna fact-check the origins of your Bring It On DVD or anything.

Unless, of course, you live in a totalitarian Cheertatorship.





Bring It On Week might be over, but the spirit lives on in the hearts of the ISB’s Cheerfiliates, who are the foundation upon which my pyramid is built.

Tonight, Dave Lartigue gets into the swing of things by weaving the eldritch strands of Legomancy!

And of course, Cheerfiliate Squad Captain Bully comes through once again to rebut those who still think that cheerleading doesn’t make for a good time with an endorsement from none other than Sir Pelham Granville Wodehouse himself. No, really.

Thanks, guys! You’ve got spirit, yes you do!


*: Actual quote. Seriously, Bring It On: In It To Win It is amazing.

15 thoughts on “Bring It On Week: The Finale

  1. I do have a request – that Bring it On In 30 Seconds get permalinked on the side panel right next to Infinite Crisis and Civil War.

  2. I saw a copy of one of the Bring It On sequels (sorry, not sure which one, haven’t seen them) on the rack at the gas station last night. I laughed outloud.

  3. This week was my first introduction to the blog … I’ve got to say, Thank God for the archives. ;-)

  4. I’m surprised to say this was awesome. Thanks for having brought it on!
    ‘Brung it on?’
    ‘Bringing it on?’

    . . . Great. Now that’s gonna bother me.

  5. AARRGH! I waited sixteen years for a chance to reference Stop or My Mom Will Shoot and that crazy ’90’s Texas cheerleader mom thing at the same time! And all for nothing!! NOTHING!!! At least I can console myself with some new P.G. Wodehouse trivia while I plan my joke’s eventual comeback . . .

  6. Maybe it’s just because I’m now more in tune with them after this week, but while I was at the video store yesterday, I swear, I kept running into almost every movie referenced on your site. It was kind of creepy.