House of Anubis Valentines by Me and Catie Donnelly

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Tumblr, you probably already know that I’ve recently been watching a show called House of Anubis. If you’ve never seen it, it’s basically The Goonies set at an English boarding school with Egyptian artifacts and curses instead of pirate treasure, done as a soap opera for teenage girls. Obviously, I have become thoroughly obsessed with it.

Fortunately, I was able to pass my obsession on to my cartoonist pal Catie Donnelly, and in the spirit of the show’s many relationships — and my dedication to doing things no one cares about but me — we’ve come together to make a set of House of Anubis Valentines!









Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

The Richest 1% of Super-Heroes Respond to #OccupyWallStreet



If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’re probably aware of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests being organized against the richest 1% of Americans and the fact that they control an extremely disproportionate amount of wealth. It’s been provoking a lot of reactions, and today, War Rocket Ajax’s own Matt Wilson and I have tried to be fair and balanced by reaching out to the richest 1% of comic book characters for their thoughts on the matter. They have opinions, y’all. Opinions.

Ask Chris #71: The Punisher… For Kids!



In this week’s installment of Ask Chris, I once again indulge in my pure, unadulterated love of Frank Castle by rounding up some of the best toy incarnations of the Punisher, which are hilarious even by just existing.

Also, I apparently neglected to link to last week’s column, so on the chance that you haven’t seen it yet, I seize the spirit of the times by answering a question about my favorite reboots in a way that I’m sure pleased everyone and certainly wasn’t hilarious only to me.

Marvel Comics Product Placement Fan-Fiction For the Williams Sonoma Catalog



Remember that arc in Achewood where Ray and Cornelius spice up the Williams-Sonoma catalog by writing erotic fiction in place of the product descriptions? Well, now that they’re teaming up with Marvel for a line of super-heroic kitchen wares, I’ve decided that they should go a little further by including the Marvel super-heroes in the catalog to sell their products to comic book fans!

Seriously: This is my actual job today. And the Rogue/Gambit/Oven Mitts entry is the best thing I’ve ever written.