Cinematic Batmanology: Batman ’66, Part One



Now that we’re through the modern era of Batman films, this week finds David Uzumeri and I starting up with an in-depth review of Batman ’66!

This was the plan all along, to reward ourselves for managing to get through Batman Forever and Catwoman, but instead of being the “this is awesome” cakewalk we expected, we end up turning in 8,000 words on the first 50 minutes. It’s a heck of a movie, y’all.

The Week In Chris



If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may already be aware that I’ve been dealing with a week of the miserable hell that is computer failure over the past few days, and as a result, I haven’t been able to do my usual shameless self-promotion here on the ISB. Then again, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve already seen some of this stuff anyway, so… You know what? Let’s just get to the stuff I wrote this week.

Bizarro Back Issues: Batman and Kamandi’s Post-Apocalyptic Team-Up: I’ve been doing these Classic ISB style posts on specific issues that I think are hilarious lately, and in honor of DC finally putting out that Kamandi hardcover last week, I wrote a little about a Haney/Aparo joint where Batman went to the future and pretended to lead a gang of gorillas. It’s a pretty good one.

X-Men Schism: Long after I thought I was immune, I have totally been sucked into an X-Men Event, thanks to the magic of Jason Aaron. Read up on why I think Schism has been great. HINT: Robots.

Flash #1: Just so you don’t think I’m a straight up hater of the New 52 (and not just a, you know, 4/5 hater), here’s another review of a first issue I really did like: Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato’s Flash #1. Even Boring Allen (get it?!?!?!) couldn’t slow this one down.

And finally…

Ask Chris #74: Super-Pets A-Go-Go! Once again, I get asked about DC’s Silver Age super-animals, and I make a judgment call against the Dog Knight. Do people call Ace that? The Dog Knight? Because they should.

Cinematic Batmanology: The Dark Knight, Part 4



Today at ComicsAlliance, Uzi, Andy and I are back with the penultimate chapter of our review of The Dark Knight! This time around, we literally spent 2700 words on five minutes of the film, which may explain why this is taking so damn long to get through. And that wasn’t even the Two-Face/Joker scene in the hospital room.

This one goes all the way up through the reveal of Batman’s crazy sonar room and the Joker’s master plan, so if you’re watching along, get ready for another solid half-hour of filmmaking, plus an argument about whether or not Uzi was high the entire time. Seriously.

Ask Chris #73: Punisher, Batman, Wolverine, Bathhouses, Dentistry



In this week’s installment of Ask Chris, I stay the hell away from the questions I got about sex in super-hero comics, and instead devote my time to lighthearted frivolity. Specifically, in the most shocking turn of events ever, I write about Batman and the Punisher going to a bathhouse, and provide a no-prize worthy explanation of what the heck happened to those metal you see whenever someone draws Wolverine’s skeleton.

Cinematic Batmanology: The Dark Knight, Part Two



Another Monday means another installmet of Cinematic Batmanology, as David, Andy and I take a look at the second part of The Dark Knight! We go through Batman’s trip to Hong Kong and the Joker crashing a party, as well as one of the few bits of the move that’s actually, well, bad.

So please, enjoy part two of… hell, I don’t even know anymore. Eighteen? Does that sound about right? Sure, Part 2 of 18.