Cherchez Les Violent Femmes

I’ve got another article up today on Comics Alliance, and this time around, it’s a gallery of comics’ most ass-kicking female characters.

Like, say, la Résistance‘s Mademoiselle Marie:



An article on “Kickass Women in Comics” is pretty much mandatory for a comics lifestyle site, but when lead blogger Laura Hudson approached me about doing the gallery, I thought it might be fun to try to take things in a different direction than you normally get, avoiding obvious picks like Wonder Woman and Storm in favor throwing the spotlight on some lesser-known–but far more brutal–characters.

Of course, there are a couple of old favorites in there, and it wouldn’t be an article by me if it didn’t have a little Jack Kirby, a little GI Joe and a kick to the face, so click on through and check it out. And then come back for a special bonus, my first, highly unsafe for work choice of an image to represent Tulip O’Hare!

And Then There Was the Time That the Enterprise Got Flipped Off by a Giant Space Mecha



Today, I contributed the first of what I hope will be many articles to Comics Alliance, a new blog run by former Comic Foundry editor and all around swell gal Laura Hudson! So please, head over there to see the image above and ten other panels from Star Trek‘s most ludicrous comics adaptations, including one shamelessly stolen from Kevin Church!

Teenagers From The Future: Now On Sale



Teenagers From the Future, the collection of essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes that I contributed to that also features an introduction by Matt Fraction, is now on sale at Amazon, and I don’t think I’m overstating it to say that it is the single greatest book ever published in the English Language.*

If you like the Legion–or at least the way I write about them–you might want to pick it up, if only to see how I managed to contribute the least scholarly essay in the entire thing. Now get those royalties a-comin’, readers!


*: This may in fact be an overstatement. But for books of essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes, it’s not half bad.

Bonus Content: Batman’s Marriage Trap

Is this or is this not the greatest sound effect ever:



To find out where that bit of joy comes from, the whole story behind Batman’s ill-fated date with a beauty queen and the harrowing true story of my childhood obsession with Bewitched, cruise on over to Prism Comics for my latest column:

Batman’s Marriage Trap!

In which the Women of Gotham City try to corral the Justice League’s Most Eligible Bachelor, and it Does Not End Well.

A Brief Message From Jeff Parker

(Click To Awesome-Size It!)


As you can see, HeroesCon ’07 was a freakin’ blast, but more on that tomorrow night, after I’ve recovered. In the meantime, head over to Prism and catch my latest column there, featuring the strange saga of Jimmy Olsen’s Boo-Boos, wherein Superman does his level best to completely ruin Jimmy Olsen’s life.


That ought to hold you guys over, right? And besides, I think that picture pretty much speaks for itself.

Items of (Alleged) Interest

For those of you who have missed the sound of my rich, mildly accented voice in the four months since the last installment of Radio ISB, it might be of interest to find out that I was interviewed over the weekend by the Comic Review Weekly Podcast.

So in lieu of actual content today, why not go give that a download and listen to me ramble on for about twenty minutes? The guys from the podcast describe it like this…

“Chris talks about his writing career, comics, and his perpetual 1 degree of separation between him and Mike Nelson.”

…and while that’s completely accurate, I’d advise you to listen carefully for:

1) My utter cluelessness when the idea of having a popular blog is brought up.

2) The secret origin of both The Week in Ink and The Monday Meme (Surprise! It involves Dungeons and Dragons).

And, in a bizarre moment,

3) Me totally spacing out for a few seconds while talking about my father.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been interviewed, and I think that shows in the way that I talk a lot whenever the opportunity presents itself, but it was fun.

In other news, the ISB Convention Special is now printed up and ready to go, and three out of four Punishers agree, Solmon Stone Chapter 9 is totally rad.



The fourth Punisher, it seems, was actually a Dalek.

Anyway, fictional endorsements aside, I thought that some of you might be curious as to what the special actually looks like, and since I’ve already posted the art for the front cover, tonight, I thought I’d mention the back, which, aside from a black-and-white version of the new ISB Logo (as featured on all of our fine merchandise) is blank.

Now, that might seem like an awful waste of paper that could be used to show off someone getting a boot to the chops, but it actually serves a purpose. If you manage to get out to Charlotte this weekend to grab one, just say the word and I’ll be more than happy to deface it with a poorly-drawn caricature of your favorite character!



Swing by and grab one, won’t you?

Notes on the First Draft of Spider-Man 3, And Other Items of Interest

Spider-Gram for a J. Jonah Jameson?



If you haven’t already, head over to and catch my latest effort as a contributing editor to America’s Only Humor Website, where I unearth Sony’s Notes on the First Draft of Spider-Man 3, in my first shot at the great series of articles originated by the hilarious Tim Kochenderfer.

My personal favorite:

P.59 –

While it is true that Kirsten will say anything we care to write down, a scene where Mary Jane turns to the camera and says “I, Kirsten Dunst, legally agree to have sex at least three times with Hollywood actor Ted Raimi” really doesn’t fit with the rest of the plot.

Incidentally, more information about Hollywood Actor Ted Raimi can be found in the pages of–you guessed it–Dark Xena.


Okay, now that the shameless self-promotion’s over, how about I turn the laser-like focus that is the ISB’s readership onto someone else for a change?

You guys like comics, right? I mean, that’s presumably why you’re here, so I think it’s a pretty safe assumption. And assuming you’re like me, you want more good comics, right? Well, right now, you’ve got a chance at getting just that.



My pal “Rad” Chad Bowers–whom longtime ISB readers may remember as the inspiration for my post on Superman and Batman’s Night Together–and artist Jerome Hinds have entered the Dimestore Productions “Small Press Idol” competition, and they’re looking to get some votes for the next round.

Their project’s called Danger Ace, and as Chad says, it’s a pulp action story of secret identities, Ernest Hemingway, and Zombie King Kong, and that’s just where it gets started. Seriously, I’ve known the guy for years, and if you give him half a chance, he will make some comics you want to read.

So give him half a chance, won’t you? All you have to do is hit up their forum, check it out, and if you like what you see, drop a simple reply with the word “YES.” You do have to register before you can vote, but as someone who threw his vote in the ring last night, I can assure you that it’s a pretty painless process.

And if you don’t like it, well, no harm done, and you’ve still got cheap jokes about Venom to fall back on. So get on it!