Christmas Special: What The Hell, Supergirl?!

So just in case you were wondering why the children of October, 1959 suddenly burst into tears halfway through the new issue of Action Comics, I think I might’ve figured it out:



Wow. Good job, Kara.

Ironically enough, the story in question–“The Three Magic Wishes” from Action Comics #257–involves Supergirl using her powers to make sure that a group of young orphans don’t lose their childlike faith in fairy tales, which, as you might expect, includes a ridiculously complex plan involving lassoing a horse from a couple miles away and pulling it to her–which, really, just can’t be safe–and then tying up a child and blasting him with her heat vision. And yet, there she is right on page two, staring directly at the reader and pretty much ruining everything.

To be fair, she was pretty new to Earth at the time, but man, I can only imagine the number of disillusioned kids that were left with no recourse but to become hippies.

And worst of all…



she made Santa cry!

Nice, Kara. Real nice.


More of Kara Zor-El’s well-intentioned disasters can be found in the pages of the new Showcase Presents Supergirl v.1. Just, y’know. Keep it away from the kids.

Friday Night Fights: A Visit From St. Nicholas







The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Bahlactus soon would be there!


Superman beats up Santa in front of wide-eyed impressionable kids in the pages of DCU INFINITE HOLDIAY SPECIAL #1, in a story by Kelley Puckett and Pete Woods that is unquestionably the funniest–and almost the best–DC Holiday story of all time.

Friday Night Fights: Trimming the Tree!

The ISB’s Christmas Countdown continues!








WINNER: Batman

And just to throw a little extra coal in the stocking, have some post-fight humiliation:



Even Bahlactus thought that was unnecessary!


Tonight’s Bat-themed Yuletide fisticuffs can be found in Denny O’Neil, Irv Novick, and Dick Giordano’s “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” from the treasury-sized Christmas With The Super-Heroes #1.

Friday Night Fights: Black Friday Beatdown!



As longtime readers will no doubt recall from last year’s Yuletide festivities, there’s nothing I love more than celebrating Christmas, and with Thanksgiving finally out of the way, the 2007 Christmas Countdown can finally get started!

First, though, we’ve got to make it through the looming capitalist horror that is Black Friday. Me, I tend to abstain from shopping today, as I usually have my shopping done by mid-November or so. Plus, you never quite know when that friendly mall Santa’s going to turn out to be a rampaging Super-Villain.





Oh, but don’t worry: It all works out okay!



If a beatdown’s on YOUR wish-list, go see Bahlactus!


The whole story of the Rhino’s brief tenure as a Mall Santa can be found in Incredible Hulk #378, by Bill Jaaska and–who else?–Peter David, and while it’s not in trade yet, you can find it on the Incredible Hulk Complete Collection DVD.