Election ’08

This Tuesday is Election Day in the United States, and as anyone who’s looked at the sidebar over the past six months knows, I, like Ambush Bug, Savage Dragon and Bruce Wayne, am supporting Senator Barack Obama.

Like I said, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as despite my Red-State residence, I’ve been a die-hard liberal for as long as I can remember. I agree with Obama on virtually every issue, but for those of you who are still undecided, it really comes down to three key points:



1. He Karate chopped Cobra Commander.



2. He took down MODOK singlehandedly, using only his oratory skills.



And finally, 3. He gave Yotsuba some ice cream.


So remember, folks: If you’re in America, get out and vote tomorrow. And when you do, vote Barack Obama for President!

What Do You Believe In?

Cobra Commander believes in Hard Work.



Cobra Commander believes in Brotherhood.



Cobra Commander believes in America.



And I believe… in Cobra Commander.



A full list of things Cobra Commander believes in, including Weather Domination, Brain-Wave Scanning, the value of a well-placed kick when training a dog and the MARS Corporation’s affordable laser rifles is available upon request under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Campaign Heats Up

Cobra Commander claims that he has your best interests at heart.



Cobra Commander says he has a plan for dealing with America’s enemies.



Cobra Commander promises Weather Domination, a cabinet staffed by clones of history’s greatest military geniuses, and a tax rebate from a smaller defense budget.

Yeah. Cobra Commander says a lot of things.



But only one man really has the strength, honor and compassion to lead our country in the years to come.



Only one man wants to fight for your rights!



Only one man deserves your vote this fall!




Paid for by Mothers Against No Time for Law and Order.

For a Stronger America

I don’t usually like to get too political here on the ISB, but let’s be honest, folks: There’s too much at stake this year to not pick a side. The economy, health care, the war; these are issues that really matter to me, and with opinions split even within the major parties, I feel like it’s time to make it clear where I stand.

So tonight, the ISB’s coming out in full support of a candidate we can believe in. A man who isn’t bogged down by years of cronyism and won’t put our country’s fate in the hands of the lobbyists. A man who, despite an apparent lack of experience, has a plan for America that transcends the old political boundaries. A man who believes in the power of hope.



Thank you for your time.