Friday Night Fights: Surprise Attack!

Because nobody expects Friday Night Fights on a Thursday!

Yes, due to the fact that comics were delayed this week (meaning that I haven’t had a chance to actually read them yet), I’m straining my powers to rend time itself asunder and bring you tomorrow night’s post today, with your usual Week In Ink delayed until tomorrow.

Thus, in honor of this week’s celebration of our country’s 231st birthday, I give you…

Cap and Batroc Together?!
Now You Know You In Trouble!








That’s Unity!
Right, Bahlactus?

All panels from the Stern/Byrne classic Captain America #252, reprinted in the all-out awesome War and Remembrance trade paperback, re-released this week.

Saturday Night’s Main Event: Small Change, Big Hurtin’

The delay in getting this week’s comics reviews written left me unable to participate in this week’s Friday Night Fights, but let it never be said that the love Bahlactus holds for comic book violence eclipses my own!

That’s right, it may be a day late, but it’s sure as heck not a dollar short, because tonight, the ISB brings you another bone-jarring battle!

In this corner, the dastardly disciplinarian of depravity, the Provost!



And his opponent, the little girl with the big right hook, Molly “Bruiser” Hayes!


Place your bets, folks, but if you’re expecting a big payoff, well…



Hope you don’t mind nickels!




I ask you: Could that fight be any more awesome? Answer: Probably not.

Friday Night Fights: KRAKADOOOOOOM!

Behold! Bahlactus rages unabated, and in the wake of his weekly fury, the ISB has no recourse but to unleash a conflict that dwarfs the infinite!! Tremble, ye mortals, for the streetwise devourer of worlds hath declared a bone-shattering battle of galactic proportions that once again rocks that which man doth call The Inter-Net!

So it is written… So it shall be done!!!










Mother Box struggles to contain the cosmic destruction of Friday Night Fights.

Friday Night Fights: Girl-On-Girl Action!

For two skull-cracking weeks, the ISB has remained silent during Friday Night Fights.

For two bone-shattering rounds, I’ve been sidelined from the Internet’s most violent throwdowns.

But tonight, with Bahlactus throwing down the challenge with a cat-themed beatdown of epic proportions, I’m returning in the only way I know how: By throwing in pretty girls punching each other in the face! Believe it:

“Never stop punching.”



“Never… ever… ever stop. Until you’re sure–absolutely sure–she’s not getting up again.”



Wait for it…




Beat that, FNFers!