Friday Night Fights: Yeah You Know Me!

Tonight, Friday Night Fights returns with an all-new theme, and this time, it’s been declared that brevity is the soul of a beatdown! That’s why this time, it all comes down to One Panel of Pain!

So let me ask.. you down with O.P.P?




For more of Jim Rugg’s totally awesome Street Angel, pick up the trade or check out the trailer for the surprisingly totally awesome Australian independent short film!

Friday Night Fights: Take a Seat

Tonioght’s the last round of Friday Night Fights: Ka-Pow!, and with the emphasis on sound effects, I’ve been looking for the loudest fight I can find. But since I’ve already used the all-splash issue of Walt Simonson’s Thor where he fights the Midgard Serpent, it’s time to go with a Modern Classic!








From Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s classic Welcome Back, Frank, which no reader should be without.