Unlikely Passages From CASH: The Autobiography of Johnny Cash



“Willie, Waylon, Kris and I weren’t just good friends who loved to make music together. We’d also been wrongly accused of a crime and imprisoned, promptly escaping to the Los Angeles Undergound. If you had a problem, if no one else could help, and if you could find us, maybe you could hire… the Highwaymen.”


“I’ve had a lot of loves over the years: Gospel, country, rockabilly. But my greatest passion is and always has been Donkey Kong.”


“Elvis was bigger than any of us. Wasn’t another like him then, and there won’t be one like him ever agian. There was one sorta like him for a while in ’82, when that Gypsy woman’s curse caused him to rise from the grave, walkin’ the Earth in search of his blue suede shoes, but me, Carl Perkins and a shotgun took care of that.”


“The first time I met Bono, he asked me to play a song with U2. I looked him up and down and said ‘Son, I ain’t never played with a man couldn’t beat me at NBA Jam Tournament Edition.’ A half hour later, I was in the studio to record The Wanderer. It’s gotta be the shoes.”


“It’s one of the hard truths about our industry, but it all just comes down to the facts: Hank Williams would put up a good fight, but in the end, you’d have to give it to the Macho Man Randy Savage.


“Sometimes, when the pressure of the road gets too much, I go to a place where the pain can’t reach me. It’s called Faerûn, and it’s the one place where I can set aside Johnny Cash the musician and just be Faltres, the half-Drow Rogue/Fighter whose hit dice are only matched by his dedication to the path of Chaotic Good.”


“Jerry Lee Lewis is a calm, impeccably rational man.”


“When it comes to religion, some men are born believers and some are born atheists. Me, I was born a Juggalo.”