FunkyWatch: September’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft Strips



It’s that time again: Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve rounded up September’s most depressing strips from the Funkyverse, chronicling everything from minor injuries to existential dread.

Plus, you get to see the strip that made me angry at the comic for the very first time! Seriously, it’s nice that there can suddenly be complete Looney Tunes cartoon physics in a comic defined by someone’s lingering death from cancer.

FunkyWatch: August’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean Strips



It’s that time again: Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve tallied up August’s Most Depressing (And Confusing) Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft strips, which this month involve multiple timelines, head trauma, and Les continuing to be the worst human being I have ever heard of.

Seriously, does anyone like that guy?

Also, I have to admit that I find it interesting that summer (the season, not the character) seems to bring the crazy out of Batiuk. Last July brought us time-traveling Funky, this year it’s the eerie foreshadowing of Les’s impending death by blunt force trauma.

FunkyWatch: December’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean Strips



By this point, you’re probably all well aware of my intense fascination with the ongoing tragedy that is Funky Winkerbean, and last month things went right off the rails. And considering I started reading this strip when the main character was time traveling, that’s saying something.

So head over to CA to check out Les Moore’s televised humiliation, the world’s most depressing New Year’s Eve party, and the strange saga of the Airport Ghoooooooost!

FunkyWatch: October 2010



If you’ve found yourself frustrated with a surplus of happiness in your life, don’t worry: It’s time once again to go through a month’s worth of comics to find October’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean strips!

This month’s plots include Les whoring himself out to the media, Funky plotting against other people at a charity benefit run, and the laugh-a-minute romp of Rachel seeking to understand the psychological scarring left on Wally Winkerbean by alcoholism and the war in Iraq.

And no, I’m not kidding.