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Which of the following panels from Bob Haney and Jim Aparo’s classic Batman/Kamandi team-up in The Brave and the Bold #120 is the craziest damn thing you have ever read?






Or C:



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You have just witnessed Batman karate chopping a talking gorilla hard enough to kill a normal man, which, coincidentally, is also hard enough to create a pink explosion at the point of impact. On a scale of one to freaking out, how awesome is this?

Pop Quiz

Which of the following is not an actual episode title from the Japanese live-action Spider-Man television series?



a) The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group

b) Becoming Splendid: To the Murderous Machine of Transformation

c) To the Flaming Hell: See the Tears of the Snake Woman

d) From the Unexplored Amazon: Here Comes the Mummified Beautiful Woman


Extra Credit Question: Why is this show not on television all the time?



Answer Key: As many as you guessed, the correct answer is that all of the titles listed are actual, honest-to-awesome episodes of the Japanese Supaidâman show from 1978, which I’m going to declare sight-unseen as the greatest use of television since the theme song to the Patty Duke Show.

For more awesome titles–from the relatively abrupt “Cockroach Boy: Great War” to the incomprehensible “There is no Child-Taking Detective Tomorrow”–and a description of the series, check out this page on the Henshin Hall of Fame.

Pop Quiz

Observe the following:



Please note that the title of the story is “The Devil Crabs of the Dark Cliffs.” Is this:

A) The funniest title of Roy Thomas’s considerable career as a writer

B) The reason one does not lie with anyone named “Belit the Pirate Queen” without taking precautions


C) All of the above.

Scratch paper has been provided. Please show your work.



BONUS FEATURE: Extra Credit!





Conan just put a monster in a Full Nelson, and then ripped its head off. Is this awesome?

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Which of the following panels from Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #85 resulted in the most terrifying nightmares for the children of the mid-60s?





Or B:



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BONUS FEATURE: Jimmy Olsen is Effing Metal