A Brief History of ROM: Spaceknight



As long-time ISB readers will be aware, I love the hell out of some ROM: Spaceknight, which puts me squarely in the target audience for Annihilators, a new series where Marvel’s cosmic heroes are dealing with plot points left over from Bill Mantlo’s epic space opera. Unfortunately, ROM fans are dwindling in number due to a lack of reprints which is why today, I’ve written up what I’m going to go ahead and declare the most comprehensive discussion of ROM and his origins posted this week on a major comics news site.

It’s interesting stuff, and as unlikely as it seems, it’s the only story in comics that unites the Shah of Iran and Canadian stuntman Rick Rojatt. Believe it.

The Campaign Heats Up

Cobra Commander claims that he has your best interests at heart.



Cobra Commander says he has a plan for dealing with America’s enemies.



Cobra Commander promises Weather Domination, a cabinet staffed by clones of history’s greatest military geniuses, and a tax rebate from a smaller defense budget.

Yeah. Cobra Commander says a lot of things.



But only one man really has the strength, honor and compassion to lead our country in the years to come.



Only one man wants to fight for your rights!



Only one man deserves your vote this fall!




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