In Memoriam: Dave’s Long Box



And thus, the Comics Blogger Internet just got a little bit worse: David Campbell has called it quits and brought the incomparable Dave’s Long Box to a close.

Despite our rivalry–and the fact that this totally means that I won–I can assure you that I’m broken up about this. Dave’s a phenomenal writer and a constant inspiration, and while I know that he’s not quitting entirely (I mean, he’s still got his daily blog for his corporate paymasters at ABC, and I’m sure he’ll have another project before long), the thought that he’s not out there reading an issue of Avengers Unplugged or mapping out an Alpha Flight adventure is a sad thing indeed.

Thus, in a show of solidarity, I’m taking a Campbellesque few days off to celebrate my victory mourn the loss of Dave and his yearly updates.

Like so:



The images above are from J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck’s Kraven’s Last Hunt. And did I mention this means I won? Because it does.

Edited with new art hotness from Moises Tavera. Thanks!

Sick Day



It’s not quite as bad as Sixpack’s problem up there–as depicted in the pages of Hitman #51–but, well, let’s just say that I’m not feeling well tonight and new content’ll just have to wait for tomorrow.

Incidentally, Dave Campbell is also a little under the weather these days, which means that there’s the very real possibility that there’s some kind of super-virus out there attacking the world’s greatest comic book humor bloggers.

And also Dave Campbell.

A Brief Message From Jeff Parker

(Click To Awesome-Size It!)


As you can see, HeroesCon ’07 was a freakin’ blast, but more on that tomorrow night, after I’ve recovered. In the meantime, head over to Prism and catch my latest column there, featuring the strange saga of Jimmy Olsen’s Boo-Boos, wherein Superman does his level best to completely ruin Jimmy Olsen’s life.


That ought to hold you guys over, right? And besides, I think that picture pretty much speaks for itself.