Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy

And now, the ISB proudly presents the final Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy. Jim Salicrup’s allegedly educational masterpiece has given us a lot of joy over the past year, from the Thanoscopter to Webby-Two and so many candidates for the greatest panel of all time, but with the final scene from #31, the ISB says goodbye to the greatest comic book ever printed.

I give you… The Star Jaws.









Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act V, Scene 2

The Big Question

And now, your highly philosophical Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for the night:




Huh. Guess he did.


The scintillating saga of Spider-Man and his gigantic hand grenade can be found in Spidey Super Stories #23, which was written by the single greatest name in comics history, Kolfax Mingo.

Maximum Clonage, Part Two: Spidey vs. Webby!

Last time, we saw the roots of Dr. Doom’s latest terrifying plot to take over the world by creating a reasonably stupid clone of Spider-Man. But what happens when it meets the genuine article?

And now, your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for tonight:









Of course, you can see how it all works out for yourselves in the pages of Spidey Super Stories #25, but come on: That’s like peeking at your present before Christmas!

Spooktoberfest Special: Rules of Survival

And now, your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Spoooookiness for this week:








So, children, what have we learned?


1. Mary Jane should maybe wear skin-tight super-hero costumes all the time, even in books for eight year-olds. Especially in books for eight year-olds.

2. Have a secret identity? Go ahead and dress up as your alter-ego for a costume party! Anybody who suspects anything is easily dealt with thanks to drugged Jacks O’Lantern and brazen lying.

3. Remember, Kids! There’s an evil green monster-man right outside your window who wants to steal your candy, and he’s going to come back next year and toss your loved ones off a bridge. Oh, and Spider-Man cannot (or will not) stop him. Now sleep tight!


Despite the fact that he says in one story that it’s the middle of July, Spider-Man fights Jack O’ Lantern and hits up the Electric Company’s Halloween party in the pages of Spidey Super Stories #56.

Pop Quiz

Which of the following is not an actual episode title from the Japanese live-action Spider-Man television series?



a) The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group

b) Becoming Splendid: To the Murderous Machine of Transformation

c) To the Flaming Hell: See the Tears of the Snake Woman

d) From the Unexplored Amazon: Here Comes the Mummified Beautiful Woman


Extra Credit Question: Why is this show not on television all the time?



Answer Key: As many as you guessed, the correct answer is that all of the titles listed are actual, honest-to-awesome episodes of the Japanese Supaidâman show from 1978, which I’m going to declare sight-unseen as the greatest use of television since the theme song to the Patty Duke Show.

For more awesome titles–from the relatively abrupt “Cockroach Boy: Great War” to the incomprehensible “There is no Child-Taking Detective Tomorrow”–and a description of the series, check out this page on the Henshin Hall of Fame.