Star Jaws! Act One

And now, your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for the evening, from what is without question the greatest work of literature ever created:






There are three things we can learn from this sequence:

1. Peter Parker often thinks about his own alter-ego while making out with his super-hot model girlfriend.

2. Mary Jane Watson doesn’t let a little thing like explosions from space stop her from gettin’ some of that sweet, sweet Parker loving.

3. That is the only circumstance in which you want to be making out with a girl and have her subsequently utter the phrase “It’s just a tiny rocket!” Trust me.

And seriously, you guys? This story could only be better if the rocket ship opened to reveal Daft Punk doing a live set. It’s that awesome.

Maximum Clonage: The Thrilling Conclusion

And now, your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for tonight: the final chapter of the spine-tingling saga of Spidey vs. Webby:






Thus, Everything Works Out Okay.


And I’ll be honest with you here, folks: That entire series was just an excuse to get to the panel where Dr. Doom shouts “WEBBY! WEBBY-TWO! COME HELP ME!” as that is clearly the finest dialogue the character has ever spoken.

And I can prove it.

With maths.



BONUS FEATURE: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of Doom!




Maximum Clonage, Part Two: Spidey vs. Webby!

Last time, we saw the roots of Dr. Doom’s latest terrifying plot to take over the world by creating a reasonably stupid clone of Spider-Man. But what happens when it meets the genuine article?

And now, your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for tonight:









Of course, you can see how it all works out for yourselves in the pages of Spidey Super Stories #25, but come on: That’s like peeking at your present before Christmas!

The Secrets of Spidey’s Webbing!

And now, your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for this evening:





My God! Senator Ted Stevens was right all along!



All the answers can be found in the Alpha to last week’s Omega: Spidey Super Stories #1. And interestingly enough? The Super Stories version of Peter Parker doesn’t even seem to have an Uncle Ben at all, let alone one who gets shot.

The Lonely Life of Paste Pot Pete

And now, your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Ennui for the night:



Aside from the fact that he apparently lives in a pretty swanky apartment, I think we can all be thankful that we’re not the Trapster.

Still, though, the angle of the shot, the goofy, garish super-villain outfit in the middle of the trappings of suburbia, the way he’s slumped in the chair, adamantly refusing to even consider the possibility that his traps actually aren’t any good…. Could this be a bit of actual pathos in the pages of Spidey Super Stories?!


Genuine emotional content appears, appropriately enough, in SSS #57 the final issue of the greatest series in Marvel Comics History.

Offered (Mostly) Without Comment

Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy–or at least, a vague and persistent discomfort–for tonight:



It should be noted that Dr. Doom swears revenge in the very next panel, which can be seen in all its glory in the pages of SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #45. This, of course, is possibly the greatest of all Super Stories, as it brought us both “Like Sugar and Spice…” AND the Queen of Runners, thus cementing its place as the pinnacle of modern fiction.