Slow News Day

Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for this week:



More on J. Jonah Jameson’s dubious journalistic integrity can be found in Spidey Super Stories #56, wherein Mary Jane dresses up like Spider-Woman and the Green Goblin steals everyone’s candy.

Thanos! The Aftermath

Thanos was arraigned in Superior Court, in and for the City of New York.

In a moment, the results of that trial.



Thanos was found guilty on one count of disturbing the peace and one count of simple assault, and was sentenced to forty hours of community service and a stern talking-to from Mar-Vell.



BONUS FEATURE: Thanos Has A Rap Sheet


Courtesy of The Smoking Cube:


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Thanos! The Ultimate Nihilist!

Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for this week:




But alas…


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Here’s something you might not know about Thanos: Sometimes, he rolls around in a helicopter with his own name painted on the side.


All panels from Spidey Super Stories #39, which concludes with Thanos being taken into custody by two uniformed policemen in what is the most beautiful denoument ever written.