The ComicsAlliance Reader Costume Spooktacular!



That is Friend of the ISB and best-selling novelist Caitlin Kittredge as The Baroness, and not only does that make her War Rocket Ajax art a reality, it’s one of twenty-eight costumes sent in by ComicsAlliance readers for our first annual Costume Spooktacular!

I warned everyone ahead of time that we were going to be doing some hardcore mockery “gentle ribbing,” and along with special guest Matt Wilson, that’s exactly what I did today in an article explicitly designed to put a stake through the heart of this year’s Spooktoberfest celebrations. But in all seriousness, the costumes were all pretty awesome in their own way.

And as a bonus fun fact, I totally went to high school with one of the people featured in the article. Can you guess which?

Wrestler Wisdom Fridays #37



Each week, the ISB endeavors to enlighten our readers by offering the unedited words of the Warrior Scholars of the squared circle, for who among us cannot benefit from the wisdom of Macho Madness, Hulkamania, or the American Dream? The instruction we offer should be considered carefully, meditated on, and applied to one’s own life for the enrichment of the self and others.

Spooktoberfest Special: 13 Unlikely “Sexy” Super-Hero Costumes



Last week, I took a look at the most ridiculous comic book-themed sexy lady Halloween costumes available on the market, but today, as we are down to the wire for Halloween, I’m offering up 13 Extremely Improbable Sexy Costumes, with art by Max Huffman and Caleb Goellner!

Not gonna lie, folks: I would be macking on any girl dressed as Sexy Jimmy Olsen like it was a part-time job.

Spooktoberfest Special: The Ani-Magic Madness of MAD MONSTER PARTY



I’m pretty sure that I’ve gone on (and on, and on) about my love for the Rankin-Bass Christmas specials, but until last night, I’d never seen their one and only Halloween special, Mad Monster Party!

Released theatrically in 1967 with a script by the legendary Harvey Kurtzman and designs by the equally legendary Jack Davis, Mad Monster Party is about as weird as you’d expect, and was recommended to me by Chris Haley, who loves it more than anything except the other eight or nine things he loves more than anything. So go check out my review, then grab a copy to throw on while you make popcorn balls or Rice Krispie Treats or s’mores or — at the very least — while you fill a big plastic bowl with single Reese cups.

Spooktoberfest Special: The 1980 Tomb of Dracula Anime is Not Very Good



Did you know there was a Tomb of Dracula animated movie produced in 1980 for Japan? Well, not only do you know that now, but some enterprising soul uploaded the entire thing to YouTube, which means that today at ComicsAlliance, you can watch the entire thing with minute-by-minute commentary from me!

Spoiler Warning: It is not very good, despite the fact that it includes wheelchair swordfights, vampire muggings, zombies, dance clubs, the secret origin of Smurfs, and Dracula chowing down on some hamburgers. You have been warned. SpooooOOOOooookily warned!

Spooktoberfest Special: 10 Insane Halloween Costumes… For Your Dog



“What makes you different from us? What gives you the right?!”

“My kitchen doesn’t have accident pads.”

I’ll be honest, guys: there are some things I just don’t get, and the desire to dress one’s dog as a super-hero is totally one of them. So to that end, join me in spending your afternoon marveling at the utter weirdness of costumes for dogs, an article that includes the single greatest animated .gif you have ever seen.