ComicsAlliance Reviews Superman: The Movie, Part One



Remember how David Uzumeri and I reviewed Smallville together, and then switched over to super-hero movies before he had to drop out at the end of the Blade trilogy? Well, guess what?

We’re back, and we’re taking on the first great super-hero franchise when ComicsAlliance Reviews Superman: The Movie! I have what many people might consider to be bad opinions about this one — I think Superman is overrated and boring and Superman II is fundamentally a bad Superman story — so check it out as I try to make the case that these flicks are nowhere near as good as your five year-old self wanted them to be. Enjoy!

Superboy’s Amazing New Power of Bio-Magnetism!



Today at ComicsAlliance, it’s another installment of good ol’ fashioned let’s-make-fun-of-this-old-story comics blogging when Bizarro Back Issues takes on The New Adventures of Superboy #11, a Cary Bates / Kurt Schaffenberger classic where Superboy gains the power of bio-magnetism and has a black hole suck it right out of his body.

It’s worth it just for the shot of Luthor in his goggles.

Ask Chris #66: The World’s Finest Friendship



This week on Ask Chris, I tackle a question that — surprise! — I have strong opinions about: whether or not Superman and Batman should be friends.

And as a special bonus, please enjoy the five paragraphs where I go apeshit on comics readers for thinking like third graders, then go back to explaining how two fictional characters would definitely be buddies, without ever once acknowledging the irony. It’s a mean feat, but I accomplish it.

Smallvillains Returns For Jeph Loeb’s “Red”



That, my friends, is a picture of David Uzumeri falling asleep, nestled within the flowing curls of John Glover, and that can only mean that Smallvillains has returned!

This week, our Recap/Review returns with the one episode we always meant to do but never did: “Red,” a Jeph Loeb joint where red “meteor rock” turns Clark evil, which actually has the effect of making him more of a proactive force for good than we’ve ever seen from him in the rest of the series. This show, you guys. This show.