Why Did Superman #712 Get the Axe?



This week’s issue of Superman was originally intended to tell the story of Superman teaming up with a young Muslim hero named Sharif in Los Angeles. Instead, it’s a story about Krypto the Superdog that was originally set to be published as part of Kurt Busiek’s run five years ago that was pulled for legal reasons surrounding the rights to Superboy.

DC’s official explanation is that the story “didn’t work,” but today on ComicsAlliance, I explain why I don’t buy that reasoning, and offer up a theory of my own.

And now you know why I turned off the comments.

Ask Chris #57: American Icons



This week on Ask Chris, I deal with one of the more interesting questions I’ve ever gotten: Who is a better representation of America: Superman or Scrooge McDuck? I’d always thought of both of those characters as having quintessentially American stories, but before that question, it hadn’t really occurred to me to contrast them for the different things they mean, and the result was pretty fun for me to write.

Hopefully it’s also entertaining and informative, but let’s be honest here: At this point, other people enjoying my work have clearly become a secondary concern.

Smallvillains 10×21 and 10×22: The Smallville Series Finale



This week, after nine long months, our pain comes to an end as David and I recap the Smallville series finale! And boy howdy, it is disappointing and terrible in completely different ways than I expected. So join as as we sit through it for one final time, and then scrape the bottom of the barrel as we actually try to find something nice to say about the entire series.

This may not have been clear by now: I did not care for it.