The 25 Best Action Comics Covers Ever



Today, after 73 long years, Action Comics hits the momentous milestone of its 900th issue, and in order to celebrate, I’ve gone back through all 900 issues to bring you The 25 Best Action Comics covers of all time!

As you might imagine, this took a bit of time — my original plan was to do the best panels, but as it turns out, I can’t read 900 comics in a single night. Who knew? Either way, there’s some good stuff and at least one amazing crown waiting for you over at ComicsAlliance.

Smallvillains 10.18: Booster



This week on Smallville we finally got the highly anticipated Booster Gold episode, and… well, at this point you guys probably already know how “highly anticipated” Smallville episodes tend to work out. Hint: Not very well.

The whole thing is wall-to-wall nod-and-wink continuity references thrown in with the complete absurdity we’ve come to know and… watch for money, but the important thing here is that the countdown has begun! Three more weeks, everybody!

Smallvillains 3×22: Covenant



This is our final week of the pre-sweeps hiatus, and while we originally planned to go with something else, the fact that the upcoming Wonder Woman star Adrianne Palicki guest starred in one episode led us to Season 3’s finale, “Covenant!”

You’ll thrill to the series’ most amazing Clark-Is-A-Dick moment to date! You’ll chill at the final fate of Lionel Luthor’s mane of power! You’ll grow ill at the completely insane double-incest subtext! Smallville: We sure are glad it’ll be over soon!

Smallvillains 1×7: Craving



This week on Smallvillains, our original plans were derailed by the announcement that the lovely Amy Adams had been cast as Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman feature, which means we basically had no choice but to cover her appearance on Smallville as a student with a radioactive space meteor eating disorder.

This is a thing that actually happened. On television. And the show went on for another ten years.

Smallvillains 2×2: Heat



This week in The ComicsAlliance Smallville Recap, things get a little sexy as Uzi and I take on one of our most requested episodes: Season 2’s “Heat,” in which Clark Kent gets his first boner and shoots fire out of his eyes at a picture of sperm entering an egg.

Not even kidding, folks.

It’s actually one of the more fun episodes, which made for a nice change, and was something I think we really needed before we finally get on with the rest of the season in April.

Smallvillains 8×22: Doomsday


This week, Uzumeri and I continue to suffer for you amusement with another episode of Smallville from a previous season.  This time around, it’s Season 8’s finale, Doomsday, in which Superman’s epic battle against a bone monster from Krypton — which took four issues worth of comic books — is over and done with in 99 seconds.


It is amazing.  For certain values of “amazing.”