Fur-Thor Reading: Six Great Thor Comics To Read After You See The Movie



Thor’s one of my favorite Marvel characters, but since the movie hit theaters, I’ve seen a lot of people say that they aren’t that familiar with the comics. So today, I’ve completed my Thor-Week Trifecta by offering up a rundown six great Thor stories to jump on if you liked the movie. Or heck, even if you didn’t like the movie. Chris Hemsworth could kick your dog, and these would still be good stories.

I hope he doesn’t, though.

I Say Thee Play: Chris Reviews Thor Video Games



Oh man, you guys. As if reading comics for a living wasn’t bad enough, this week I also had to sit around and play a bunch of video games! It’s a living, right?

The end result: I review the new Thor video games that tie into the new movie, both for XBox 360 and for Nintendo DS! One of them, I really really liked, and the other, I really really hated. But feel free to buy both, so long as you use those links.

Unsurprisingly, Chris Likes The Movie About Thor Smashing Things With a Hammer



This weekend, just like a heck of a lot of people, I saw the Thor movie, and today I’ve got a review of it up at CA!

It goes without saying that there are spoilers, but in case you want a quicker, less revealing review: I liked it a lot. I really liked that they made Thor’s cape stand up on his shoulders like it does in the comics, which was really fun. 3D was worthless and you shouldn’t bother. Very, very nice to see a cameo by Walter Simonson, as that movie really owes as much or more to his work than it does to Stan Lee’s.

For the rest, go read the review!

The Ten Most Awesome Moments In Walter Simonson’s Thor



While Grant Morrison’s Batman might end up giving it a run for its money when it’s all said and done, Walter Simonson’s amazing five-year tenure on Thor is unquestionably my favorite comic book run of all time — and considering that there’s no Batman and not a single Jimmy Olsen involved, that’s saying something. This week, the whole thing is collected in a truly massive hardcover that’s pretty tempting despite the fact that I don’t really care for the gigantic omnibus format, so to celebrate, I’ve written up my picks for the ten best moments of the series!

A word of advice, though: If you haven’t read the comics, skip the article. It’s obviously full of spoilers fro some of the best parts of the run, and while reading a top ten list doesn’t compare to the feeling of reading the actual stories, that’s a book that deserves to be experienced firsthand.

If you have read ’em, though, enjoy the trip down memory lane! And just between you and me, it’s not on the list, but how awesome is that time when Thor hits a guy so hard that it breaks every bone in his own body? Super-awesome.

Friday Night Fights: The Mighty Thor: ACTION DENTIST!







Let this be a lesson: Sometimes, Thor will knock your Goddamn teeth out.

And that’s why Bahlactus brushes twice a day.


More of Thor’s take on orthodontia–which mostly involves hitting someone in the mouth with a hammer–can be found in Walt Simonson’s run on Thor, which includes the all-splash awesomeness of Thor #380.