Down Set Fight: Chapter 5 Is Available Now!

Who wants a Dogpound t-shirt?


The Brawl Across America heads towards critical mass and the master plan is finally revealed! After following a trail of mascot destruction across the country, Special Agent Molly Harrison finally catches up with Chuck — but she’s not the only one! Who are THE SUDDEN DEATH SQUAD, and what does their leader, DOGPOUND want with Chuck? It’s one final twist before we head to the big game in next week’s final chapter, with the biggest throwdown of the series so far! Do not dare miss DOWN SET FIGHT Chapter 5: Strange Sports Stories!

Plus: Uncle Bagel!

Also, if you’re craving more information about the comic, here are a few handy links:

This week on War Rocket Ajax, Matt and I took part in the ultimate act of self-promotion by interviewing each other! I get to the bottom of Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective, and he chats with me about Down Set Fight! Plus all the usual podcasting fun.

Chad and I guested on the very fun Comics Therapy podcast, where we talk about our personal connection to Chuck’s story and what we tried to accomplish with the book, as well as examining the difficulties in setting the tone of fun, two-fisted adventure that still deals with some pretty serious stuff for the characters. It was a blast!

It all comes to a head next week in the final chapter of Down Set Fight! Hot damn!

(In a related story, I really need to quit hitting Save As Draft instead of Publish when I’m writing for my own dang site.)

The Movie Fighters Holiday Specials!


It’s Movie Fighters time, friends, and this week we’ve got a present for you from me and Matt! Not only do we have our second Christmas selection, but all of our holiday specials are in one convenient bundle for only four bucks! If you haven’t already snagged ’em, you can grab both Halloween episodes and both Christmas episodes, and you’re set for any holiday travel you may be doing — assuming that said travel lasts for about six hours or less.

You may also notice that there are no Thanksgiving episodes involved, and that is because Thanksgiving is a straight up garbage holiday. But you do get…

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters: Who knew that a movie about Hawkeye having magic diabetes could be so fun? We certainly weren’t expecting it.

Monster Squad: Our most requested “horror” movie offering is slightly more flawed than you might remember it, if only for its ludicrous proposition that Dracula could be felled by mere children.

Santa Claus: The Movie: From the producers of Superman, Superman II and, uh, Supergirl comes an origin story for Santa that suddenly turns into a movie about an elf who makes magic candy and bad puns. We have never been this disappointed before.

Santa’s Slay: By listener request, we take on this holiday farce starring Bill Goldberg as a murderous Santa Claus who, as the son of Satan, goes on a vengeful rampage through Canada on Christmas Day 2005. This is, believe it or not, maybe the best movie we have done on the show.

And as an added bonus…

Rambo: The Force of Freedom: When S.A.V.A.G.E. Stole Santa: We watch the Christmas episode of the ’80s cartoon for kids based on the Rambo movies, which I will remind you are about a traumatized Vietnam veteran just murdering people for hours. It is so confusing that talk about it for ever (IE about an hour).

The bonus episode is streaming for free, but you get it as part of the album. Check it out, and remember, you can give these things as gifts. Perfect for someone who hates movies and wants their biases confirmed.

World Tour: HeroesCon In Charlotte!



This weekend, it’s the big one: HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina, our favorite show of the year! And despite the fact that we’re the only ones who got the Southern Gentlemen makeover on the poster above, we’re not the only ones who will be there: Monster Plus artist JoJo Seames and War Rocket Ajax co-host Matt Wilson will be at the Action Age table, and our resident letterer Josh Krach will be floating around the convention taking in the sights! And just in case that wasn’t enough fun in one spot, we’re right next door to our pals from Agreeable Comics, Kevin Church, Benjamin Birdie and Robin Kimball!, with the creators of Atomic Robo right across the aisle. Plus, Catie Donnelly, who drew the poster above, will be at her own table with plenty of awesome stuff.

Here’s where you can find us:



PLUS: The ComicsAlliance/War Rocket Ajax Q&A Panel Is ON! Matt and I will be taking audience questions and amusing ourselves in front of a crowd for an hour, so if you’re coming to HeroesCon, do not miss it. This’ll be the first time that we’re actually in the same place together while we’re doing our thing, so yeah, it’s going to be pretty special. That happens Saturday at 11:00 AM in Room 206! Plus, I’ll be hosting Sunday’s Comic Twart panel, which should be a good time and a great chance to see some cool art happen.

If you’re in the area, I can’t stress enough that HeroesCon is my all-time favorite comics show, and this year’s should be a great one. Hope to see you there!