In Which I Review a Fan Comic My Boss Made When She Was 9



When Laura Hudson, my boss and the editor-in-chief of the #1 Comics Website in America, was nine years old, she made a fan-comic about the New Kids On the Block.

A self-insertion fan-comic.

Guest starring Gadget from Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers.

That involves a wedding.

At the urging of the staff, she has posted the entire thing on ComicsAlliance, and I have provided panel-by-panel commentary.

Donald Duck’s Family Tree



It’s been floating around for 16 years, but today at ComicsAlliance, I’m taking a look at Don Rosa’s Duck Family Tree, complete with a few bits of the source material and a secret about Huey, Dewey and Louie’s parents that Rosa shared with my old job’s comic book club when he called in to talk to us about The Life and Times Of Scrooge McDuck.

Seriously, if you’ve never read any of this stuff, you should. There’s a reason Uncle Scrooge is one of the five best comic book characters ever created.

ComicsAlliance’s Exclusive Stories

Normally I would’ve linked to these as they went up over at ComicsAlliance, but today has been insanely busy for the CA staff. Not only did a ton of major news stories break for the world of comic books, but thanks to our tireless efforts, a good number of them were CA Exclusives!



First up, DC has announced their next crossover, DCU Disarmed! We’ve got an exclusive look at the cover of this world-shattering event and details you won’t find anywhere else, courtesy of DC editor Jay Didillo.



Not to be outdone, IDW made a major announcement of their own, adding yet another license to their stable. Cannot wait for the GI Joe crossover for this one!

Plus, I’ve also written up news about the latest developments with the Spider-Man musical and the extremely unfortunate announcement from CW Director of Genre Programming Larry Lewis that Smallville has been picked up for season 11.

And capping it all off, this week’s installment of Ask Chris! I’m not going to lie to you, guys, this week gets a little weird, and not just because I pit My Little Pony against the forces of Cobra.

Just one of those days, I guess.

I’m Going To Be On the Daily Show Tonight



Remember how I went to New York a month or so ago? Well, tonight, you can see the fruits of that trip as I appear on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart in a bit with correspondent Aasif Mandvi about — what else? — Batman.

I’m a little nervous about it — the filming was fun, but I’ve heard the camera adds 10 80 pounds, so don’t be surprised if I look just a shade overweight. It’ll probably be in the first half of the show, so tune in to Comedy Central tonight at 11 PM Eastern, and… possibly other times in other places? Either way, this should be interesting for all of us.

Ask Chris #46: What’s So Funny About Good Clean Fun?



This week in Ask Chris, a reader challenges me to recommend some comics that don’t have “offensive content,” and I respond with a list of good clean comics that even a grandma can enjoy. Assuming your grandma is into Uncle Scrooge, I mean. And why wouldn’t she be?

This was a weird one for me to write, given my opinions on what constitutes an “offensive” comic. Rise of Arsenal, for example, is something I find highly offensive, but it’s not because of the drug use or the erectile dysfunction, it’s because those are elements in a really, really, amazingly stupid story. But then again, there’s certainly stuff that turns me off just on principle; I stopped reading Jonah Hex because of all the wild west rape that was going on in that book, and if I never see someone in a DC comic have their arm violently ripped off again, it’ll be too soon. We all have our tastes.

But of course, my tastes are the best, and if you’d like to find out just what they are (as though ISB readers weren’t completely familiar already), then ask your own Comics Culture question by tagging it on Twitter with #AskChris or sending an email to comicsalliance at with [Ask Chris] in the subject line!

Six Years Later

Today, it has been exactly six years since I sat down on the advice of a friend of mine and started up a blog.

That’s right, everybody: Despite my usual recap contest (which I was absolutely shocked that people remembered enough to send me an email) and a distinct lack of cookie cake on my table, It’s the Awesomeversary! And this year has been a big one, although admittedly, more for me than the ISB itself.

This is, after all, the year I completely sold out and quit my job to work full-time for ComicsAlliance and other freelance concerns (which also included ramping up and subsequently ending The Worst of Netflix), which means that I haven’t done a whole heck of a lot here. But in a very real way, it’s entirely because of this site that those things happened.

For me, the past year since has been huge I mean, I went to five conventions as a professional this year, as a reporter for CA (New York and San Diego), as a creator for Action Age (X-Con and the Charlotte MiniCon), or as both, had my first ever printed work published as a comic writer in Resurrection #8, launched Awesome Hospital with Chad, Matt and Josh, was part of a team that was nominated for the Eisner, lost the Eisner, swore revenge against Tom Spurgeon, wrote a story in the upcoming Skullkickers #6 (which I finally got to see the art for a few days ago, and man, Joe Vriens absolutely killed on this), and as you might already know if you’re following me on Twitter, Chad and I announced that we’ve got an upcoming project with Oni Press.

And that’s not even getting into writing this, which got vehement reactions from both people who agreed with me and a few who really didn’t, and even got Dwayne McDuffie to compare me to Richard Nixon when I ran into him at San Diego. And I’m almost positive he meant it in a nice way.

There’s also this, which is the piece I’m probably most proud of over the past year, and which got me an email from award-winning author Glen David Gold (who is a great guy even without the fact that he immortalized my name and tastes in literature) advising me to stick with this whole writing thing.

There was also this, which I don’t think anyone but me thought was hilarious. But that’s okay, because I laughed enough for all of us.

So yeah. Kind of a big deal for me.

And if you’re an ISB reader — which, by definition, you are if you’re reading this — I hope it was at least a mild deal for you. Thanks for sticking with it even though I’m a shameless self-promoter who rules his comments section like it’s my own personal feifdom (which, I’d like to point out, it is). So here’s to six years of the ISB.

And here’s a little something from all of me to all of you: A picture of me in the Batman snuggie that Laura Hudson got me for Christmas: