Great Comics That Never Happened #16: The GCTNH Halloween Special!



For those of you who haven’t heard, our ol’ pal Rusty Shackles has moved on from his contributions to ComicsAlliance, including regular art chores on our series of Great Comics That Never Happened. But that doesn’t mean the feature’s ending — instead, I’ll be joined by new artists for each installment!

This time around, Hector Plasm‘s Nate Bellegarde joins me to bring you the ultimate story of COSMIC DRACULA… and that’s just where it starts!

This Year’s 18 Worst and Weirdest “Sexy” Halloween Costumes



Ah, Halloween. That time of year when all across the country, altruistic professions like “nurse” or “teacher” are slutted up in the name of scaring off demons! It’s a grand tradition, and one that’s finally hit the world of comics, which is why today at CA, I’ve made up a list of the worst and weirdest “sexy” Halloween costumes, complete with side-by-side comparisons so you can see how they stack up to the originals!