Chris vs. Previews: December 2009



Today at ComicsAlliance, Chris vs. Previews is back to take another swing at 500 pages of merch! Join me as I go through the highlights and lowlights of the catalog, pointing out a few recommendations and, as always, shaking my head slowly at the severe classiness of the Japanese merchandise imported for the discerning pervert.

Mine isn’t the only Previews roundup on the web, though: Mike Sterling, of course, does the fittingly named End of Civilization, and this month sees Tiina, Rachelle’s former bandmate and current partner-in-blogging at Living Between Wednesdays, take on those goofy-lookin’ True Blood busts, among other things.

So read ’em! Collect ’em! Print ’em out onto cardstock and trade ’em with your friends!

24 thoughts on “Chris vs. Previews: December 2009

  1. MR. SAMES:

    I DEMAND to know if you’re doing new work for your own site, or just for other websites. I’d check through your site myself, but my ISP asks that I only look at one page per domain per day, to save bandwidth.


    Chasley L. Wilcoxian

  2. I’m sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, and I just missed it, but is everything you do now at Comics Alliance?

    No. But as they are paying me to write and there are only 24 hours in the day for me to do my full-time job, plus freelance work, plus writing comics of my own, plus writing comics for other people, I tend to use my blog to promote the things I’m doing professionally elsewhere rather than cutting into the already tiny amount of sleep I’m getting.

  3. Tell the truth Chris- the whole Comics Alliance gig is just an excuse to skimp on the alt-text jokes, isn’t it?

    So anyways, since you brought up the train-wreck of Cry for Justice, I wanted to mention that as bad as it is, I do like one thing about it, the idea of a “director’s commentary” postscript to every issue. I’d love to see DC run with that idea the next time they put out a miniseries by Grant Morrison- or hell, maybe Robinson will get back on track with a future project, he’s done enough sensational work in the past I’m willing to forgive one abysmal train-wreck.

    What’s your take?

  4. If all of us were as hot and sexy as Sims, the public wouldn’t let us get any sleep either.

  5. That’s a Nerf gun with a drum magazine. Goddamn.

    Buy it and be ready for the toddler apocalypse.

  6. According to Brian Clevinger, the “Revenge of the Vampire Dimension” title is an error. An awesome, awesome error. The actual title is Atomic Robo and Other Strangeness, “because it’s four one-shots filled with weird stuff.”

  7. Achewood link points to the wrong date. Here’s the Airwolf one:

    No, it doesn’t. It links to the first part of the story that culminates in Ray buying Airwolf.


  8. Realised that a bit later into the reading. Ooops, sorry, Sims! I’m off to play the cello by my private lakeside to meditate on my error.

  9. I’m just sorry that Mr. Sims has to tone down his awesomenes on Comics Alliance for the sake of the mass-market…:(

  10. Cris Simms,

    You forgt to tone down your awsomness!!1!!eleven! I’m gnna start my own web blog on the internet and show u how its done.


  11. “For the record, I much prefer that Chris Sims gets to sleep normally, as I can speak to how hard it is to be funny when your brain wants to shut down.”

    I always figured his Many Emotions of Batman gags were the result of a Dali-esque sleep-deprivation routine. If he’s sleeping a full seven or eight hours a day, Jesus…

  12. The Many Emotions of Batman are glimpses of pure beauty built from the happiness of a better world. It’s not my fault if you’re not ready for them; why do you think I’ve been providing Warrior Meditations the day before?

  13. It’s funny. I was going to leave a comment earlier remarking how the Comics Alliance articles is the same content that Mr. Sims would be doing here for free if he didn’t have the paying gig (which he totally deserves).

    If anything, the CA articles feel like they’re a little longer and better polished than they would be had they been published on this site instead.

    If anything- I think the awesomeness factor has been increased by these developments. But I wasn’t going to comment, because I figured that was a pretty obvious thing to point out and wouldn’t add to the discussion. I stand corrected.

    -Citizen Scribbler

  14. I was going to make a faux-hater comment about how Sims is asking us to not only use YET ANOTHER MOUSECLICK to read something, but now he’s asking us to click our mouses two more times to read stuff by people who aren’t even him and could he get any lazier? But geez, the actual hating for just one mouseclick in a couple of these comments kind of killed my fun.

    So instead I’ll faux-hate because I while I read and enjoyed all three of the links this morning, they made me slightly later than normal for work. Next time, please give us a little less wonderfulness to read, will you?