Chris vs. Previews: February 2010



A new month means another round of Chris vs. Previews!

THRILL as I read off a litany of comic book oddities, including a biography of Jesus Christ from the same company that devoted 22 shoddy pages to the life of Stephenie Meyer!

CHILL as I lift a joke directly from Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin!

BILL your therapist for stress caused by too much excitement as the always-gracious Evan Dorkin (no foolin’) leaves a comment!

All that, plus a shameless plug for pal Jake Bell and this month’s mystifying window into the world of the Japanese fetish statue!

5 thoughts on “Chris vs. Previews: February 2010

  1. The Green Hornet preview text reads like crazy talk because it was cut for length. The original, accurate version read:

    The Green Hornet! Comics’ most iconic hero whose name rhymes with ‘Freen Lornet!'”

  2. Yeesh DC, telling me that the Arkham inmates would be the focus for two issues of Tec may have been enough to get me to buy those issues if you had been able to namedrop some better characters.

    Black Mask versus Jeremiah Arkham sounds pretty dull even with correct spelling.

  3. it’s mainly a continuation of Hine/haun’s work with Arkham that spanned a BftC one-shot and a 3 issue mini.

    i personally liked it and am glad they could give it a proper finale since the ending we got in Arkham Reborn wasn’t satisfying.