5 thoughts on “Chris vs. Previews: March 2010

  1. For a brief moment, I misread a title as Hellboy vs. Mexico. And you know what? That would have been even better.

    “The one hundred and eleven million citizens of Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos…versus a single half-man, half-demon with a stone hand…LET’S RUMBLE!

    (I’d bet on Mexico, but it could be close.)

  2. “I’d bet on Mexico”

    You clearly aren’t reading enough Hellboy.

    Brightest Day, huh? Marvel should totally do something like that.

  3. Hey Chris, did you see in the Marvel Previews that Spider-Man: Fever was described as “Reading like a psychedelic mash-up of Steve Ditko, The Beatles and Tim Burton”?

    Would a mash-up of Ditko and the Beatles end up beating itself to death like that zombie rugby player in Hellblazer?

  4. Never in my life have I been more proud of my rich Mexican heritage than I am now.

    Also just to be clear, do you mean punch the face of the person wearing the shirt or the face on the shirt, or both?