Chris vs. Previews, September 2010



It’s that time again: Today, I’ve sifted through the new issue of Previews to bring you the highlights and lowlights of 500 pages of niche market solicitations!

There are some pretty magical things this time, to the point where it’s been referred to as “possibly the happiest Chris vs. Previews ever,” but I blame that on a lack of anime statues.

3 thoughts on “Chris vs. Previews, September 2010

  1. I actually really like that David Finch Batman cover. Looks like something out of 2000 AD.

    I’m checking out all of the Batman titles in November. I’m even going to check out Batgirl, since the great Dustin Nguyen is coming on board as artist.

    Fun time to be a Batfan.

  2. By my calculations, 1/3 of all Batman limited series revolve around tragedies involving Bruce Wayne’s childhood friends.

    Do not share a PBJ with L’il Bruce Wayne.